Reporter attacked by elements of the Coahuila Civil Police in Saltillo

Like every day, Daniel de Coster completed his working day as a reporter for the police section of the newspaper Vanguardia in the municipality of Saltillo, however, he never thought that when he was going to cover a fight. If they come, it will be elements of the civilian Police Coahuila (PCC), who, in addition to intimidation, harmed the team they worked with.

De Coster recalls that during the early hours of Sunday he was informed via social network of an explosion caused by a fight in Ojo de Agua, so on his way to the place, he learned more about what was happening. kept asking. Told themselves that they were elements of the PCC that were detonating.

“When I came, I couldn’t even take two pictures, they immediately threw themselves at me, they started attacking me, I identified myself as a reporter, I told them half the job and my What was the name for, but he didn’t care, he threw me against the wall, he kept me there, I struggled with him, he tried to take my cell phone from me on several occasions”, he remarked.

Later, two other elements came up to him, grabbed him and threw him against the bed of the truck, and one of them made him a key that hurt his shoulder, and it was from there that they began to tell him that it was It was already worth it. , and he started with threats.

“In the middle of the ball, the other guys come, one of them tells me to get into the truck by hook or crook, and I told him not to hit any of them, because there’s nothing to prove.” That’s what I have to do to them. Get detained, and they release me, that they call the commander to confirm that I’m from the press, but it was worth it,” he said.

The physical assaults continued until they managed to take his cell phone, one of them broke it and threw it in the truck, later telling him that if he wanted his cell phone, he would get it for her. The truck has to go.

“And I’m because of him, but you’re stealing from me, he said there was no robbery and, on the contrary, he was recording and it’s against the law, I told him when it’s against the law to record the work.” He gets annoyed with a government official and demands that I get in the truck again, but I told him no, that I’m not going with him, that he didn’t even think I was doing that stupid thing. I’m leaving,” he said.

He said that once they left they proceeded with the arrest and later they went to their facilities, and decided to follow them there, on arrival he tells the officer in the booth that the goods that just arrived Tell him that he is approaching the cell phone that was stolen, identifying himself with his name and the company he works for.

It took them 20 to 30 minutes more or less, remember that first a commander came out, asked him to come and talk, but de Coster refused, told him it was the same distance, made a maternal reminder, and Again entered the facilities of the PCC.

“The other guys came out for a while and they gave me the cell phone, and they just told me, get it, and I, heck, I’m not going to get it, I’m going to see what else can, I’m going to draw graphs for them, and they tell me I’m leaving because if they put me in, I’m not going to come out, and I wait, it’s a direct threat , and there he is. Because I’m the means of communication and it’s not fair that you’re talking to me like this, and my mother lies to me too,” she said.

Again another officer came out, tried to intimidate him directly by his name, asking him his name to understand that they already had all his personal data, the officer ignored him and left the place.

“I had already stayed for a while, it was then that I started broadcasting from the state station and I left, but it was all because they didn’t like me taking notes of the operation they were doing. was going to cover more arrests, which were supposed to be for a fight in Ojo de Agua, and if there was a fight, I’m not saying they’re doing something wrong, but when I arrived, another fight was not, and although it was worth them and they caught some people who were walking, they did not catch them in flagante delicto, they did not point them directly, nothing, they just arrived and it was an arbitrary detention, ” They said.

In the end, he no longer knew how many people had been arrested at dawn on Sunday, because exactly when he was preparing to record as part of his work, the officers attacked him. .

After a series of attacks and threats, a complaint will be filed with the relevant body as well as the Human Rights Commission, in addition to seeking legal backing from the company he works for.