Residents living among garbage at one of Swansea’s worst-affected flytipping dumping grounds

There have been reports of fly-tipping in Swansea over the past 12 months.

Townhill reports more than doubled from 81 to 192 in 2021, and in Cwmbwrla, incidents jumped from 60 to 106. The most reported after Townhill was the highly populated ward of Castle (172), which covers the town center and surrounding areas. Including Van Ven.

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Wayne Wayne resident Claire Kearney-Withers, who also runs a cleaning business, said she’s been trying to “clean up” the area for seven years.

“This has been a constant issue for years, and it’s happening right outside my house. I’ve spent seven years trying my best to clean the area.”

Claire said the green space in the community is no longer safe for children to use because needles and glass have been scattered from the tipped garbage.

She said: “I’ve personally used my time and money over the years to make it safe and clean it. I understand a lot has happened throughout the area but it’s moving forward now. So many good things.” There are people who care about our streets, and there is a real sense of community that has been overlooked because of it.

“Green is a danger to children and dogs because it is often left with needles as well as glass, which the council just dismantles. It is very disappointing as we see how it has gone for dogs “Things are moving about this area, but the council does nothing to clean it up properly.”

Other residents, on the other hand, said local councilor Fiona Gordon has intensified efforts to tackle fly-tipping in recent days, arranging for same-day removal in some cases.

Large items such as old moldy sofas are often thrown into areas where children usually play

0 DRR WO 13012022 FlyTipping4 result
A bed frame and mattress thrown on the sidewalk to obstruct the path for people who have prams or wheelchairs

Clive Davis, another longtime resident of Van Veen, said the situation has become so dire that the community is now using a WhatsApp group to search for fly-tippers.

Clive said: “We’ve been here 37 years and we’ve never had a problem other than the occasional bag, but over the years it’s gotten awful. We dumped the fridge near our house, the mattress, the bed.” , home furniture, big tins of paint.

“It’s partly because people are putting their bags out on the wrong days, and then we have even more. This is the first time we’ve seen people dump their bags on the terrace from other streets.

“In fairness, the council does come out to remove the items, but this can sometimes take a few weeks. It needs to be dealt with immediately, because as soon as one person does it, others start doing it.”

He continued: “I recently started a WhatsApp group after a power cut, so the plan now is to use that group to keep tabs on fly-tippers. If we see someone, we’re in chat. A message can pop up to alert everyone else. There are a lot of home-CCTV systems in the area now, so we’re doing our best to use them to help identify tippers.”

Claire also said she’s preparing to install cameras, adding: “I’m going to install cameras — not just for fly-tipping, we’ve had a lot of trouble on the road in general.”

0 DRR WO 13012022 FlyTipping1
Garbage in the area has become a big problem for the eyes.

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has been cleaned since this month

Swansea Council spends over £2 million each year to tackle fly tipping and littering.

A Swansea Council spokesman said: “Fly-tipping is an issue that Council is working hard to tackle. Our enforcement team regularly investigates cases of fly-tipping when they are reported so that we can identify those responsible. to take action against.

“The annual cost of handling fly tipping and littering in Swansea routinely exceeds £2 million each year. Residents should not put up with fly tipping, and residents of Van Veen Terrace have a right to make a stand against their local To help improve the community. We look forward to working with them to reduce future fly tipping incidents by removing fly tipping and acting on any evidence they provide to council. can do.”

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