Ricardo Salinas joins the sale of Banmax – Tech Viral Tips

As is customary, Ricardo Salinas Pligo is now the only businessman to have openly raised his hand and expressed interest in a possible purchase of Banmex. In a corporate environment in which most entrepreneurs have a withdrawn and conservative attitude, Salinas Pligo contrasts the openness of its strategies.

It has gradually distinguished itself from its common counterparts in Mexico. And because of the trajectory of their group, there is a fact that if you truly believe that Banmex can give value to your organization and as they themselves mentioned, the price is substantial, make sure it will go with everything. , as it is already. Your custom We’ll see if a new brand doesn’t appear out there in months: Azteca-Banamax.

Soup Gaanu, which won ‘Shark’, will be relaunched this year

Ganu Alimentos, the instant soup with 9 percent protein that conquered the ‘sharks’ of television: Patricia Armandriz and Carlos Bremer, will relaunch this year, after halting operations for the past six months due to the pandemic.

“It was a year that we invested in in times of crisis, we didn’t do so badly in sales, but it was becoming increasingly difficult to take care of the staff, who were four people, to continue production and sales. June In 2021 we decided to give up the rental contract for the manufacturing facility, all the machines are ours, which are currently in a warehouse, with plans to launch again this year”, said Daniel Sanchez, co-founder of Ganuelimentos said.

Its machinery has a production capacity of 20 thousand monthly units of soup, which were sold on its platform and in Amazon, Mercado Libre, Canasta Rosa and some stores in Queretaro and the metropolitan area.

Sanchez said there is currently interest from convenience and self-service stores to bring Ganu Elementos to their shelves.

The product is made from gram and rice flavored with beef and for the relaunch, the brand will add chicken and vegetable flavored options.

“What we are working on is a restructuring plan to launch a more systematic and aggressive launch, we expect to have multiple points of sale at the end of the first quarter, we have the largest commercial chain interest in Mexico Self-service that wants to include the product on its shelves in addition to markets across the country”, said the co-founder of the company.

Viggott goes to $2 million to grow business in 2022

Viggot, a platform that makes it easier for real estate agents to sell properties and their administration, plans to raise up to $2 million in capital to expand the supply of placed housing in Mexico, not only secondhand but also new. development new.

Viggott CEO Andres Errejon explained that with the pandemic, the penetration of tech platforms into the real estate market has facilitated thousands of transactions and fueled the firm’s growth in Mexico, with which they are looking to further strengthen their presence in the country. expect. ,

“Great things are coming for Wiggott as a company, as we close an investment round that will help us implement a new business that covers not only the platform, but also our users and us.” Going to be a real estate developer”. He said in an interview.

He highlighted that Viggot started with 5 thousand users and today it has 22 thousand customers which on average provides about four properties, with which today they have around 250 thousand properties on the platform.

The company stressed that it also plans to begin expansion into other Latin American markets to take advantage of demand for so-called second homes during the pandemic.

“Our goal this year in broad strokes is to open Viggote in Chile and Colombia, to be able to market within Viggote for real estate development through our users and have the largest potential inventory, which will be the real estate business center in Mexico and Latin America”, he specified.