Russian incursion into Ukraine would ‘violate freedom and sovereignty’ – Wallace

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine would be a violation of “the most basic liberties and sovereignty”, the defense secretary has said after a visit to Scandinavia.

In a second warning to Moscow in a week, Ben Wallace said any Russian offensive against Ukraine would have “consequences”.

On Monday, he fired a shot at the bow during an event in London, saying Britain would “stand up to the bullies”, no matter how far-fetched the conflict.

Tensions continue on the Ukrainian border, with the US suggesting that Moscow is preparing a “false-flag operation” to spark incursions into the neighboring region.

Our discussion was clear that the Russian invasion of Ukraine would be a strategic mistake, a violation of the most basic of freedoms and sovereignty.Defense Secretary Ben Wallace

The new US intelligence was unveiled after little progress was made in talks between the Kremlin and Washington and its Western allies aimed at tackling the escalating crisis.

Foreign Secretary Liz Truss accused Russia of “running a propaganda campaign with the intention of destabilizing and justifying an invasion of Ukraine” of supporting US intelligence, and calling on President Vladimir Putin to “destruct” the military presence. -Escalate”.

Amid the standoff, Ms Truss’s aide Defense Secretary Wallace met with Nordic partners this week, including Finland, which shares a border with Russia.

The Ministry of Defense (MoD) said it met with ministers in Sweden, Finland and Norway to discuss Russia’s continued aggression and military build-up on the border with Ukraine, which has about 100,000 troops on the division.

The Defense Secretary said: “The UK and our Nordic allies are united in our approach to maintaining European security.


A soldier takes his position in a trench on the line of separation near the village of Yasne, controlled by Russia-backed separatists, eastern Ukraine (Aleksey Alexandrov/AP)

“My discussions this week have been directly about deepening bilateral ties, shared security and the consequences of the Russian aggression towards Ukraine.

“Our discussion was clear that the Russian invasion of Ukraine would be a strategic mistake, a violation of the most basic of freedoms and sovereignty.

“The UK and the Nordic countries have a long and shared history.

“Our European neighbors and allies remain important partners as we work together to defend our common values, counter common threats and build resilience in our neighbourhood, the UK will always stand by them.”

Labor said the threats facing Ukraine must be met with “strength and solution” by NATO and Europe, shadow Defense Secretary John Healy visited the country this week.

“Western allies must work harder to maintain their deterrent pressure on Russia and stand by Ukraine,” the senior opposition lawmaker said.

Giving details of the Defense Secretary’s three-day visit, the MoD said Mr Wallace met his Swedish counterpart, Defense Minister Peter Hultqvist, along with President Saulie Niinisto, Foreign Minister Pekka Havisto and Defense Minister Antti Kakkonen, before traveling to Finland. to discuss with.

On the third leg of his visit, the Defense Secretary met with his Norwegian counterpart Aud Roger Anoksen.