Rylan ‘One Million Percent’ Would Agree To Host Big Brother If He Returned

Former Celebrity Big Brother winner and reality TV star Rylan has admitted that he would be “a million percent” ready to host Big Brother if the show returns to our screens.

Recently the host tweeted about his desire to see Bibi return, to which the self-styled superfan is saying Mirror He would go on to present the “biggest and best” reality TV esports ever.

“One Million Percent,” the popular broadcaster immediately confirmed on Monday, when asked if he would like to introduce a new series of shows that last went on-air in 2018.

“Big Brother was like a kid to me – doing a bit of Big Brother on the side every night became more like a lifestyle than a job.

“Big Brother completely changed my life – a proper 360 – and I miss it so much and I think if it had to come back now, it might come back the same but it’s so different now.”

Rylan continued, wondering how the show could proceed with all the new advances currently available.

“Just from a backstage standpoint – the way it’s shot – the technology we have now and what we could do on the night of the eviction has changed a lot over the years,” said the Radio 2 DJ.

“It can be very user interactive.”

As well as being part of the Big Brother prep team, Rylan is also a famous former housewife—who won the star-studded 2013 edition of the ultimate reality TV series.

Beating out the competition from the likes of Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt, the former X Factor contestant certainly knows what makes a good Big Brother contestant — so who would Rylan love to see in a new series?

Launching MyMcDonald’s Rewards, the star explained, “There are a lot of people. We haven’t been on air for four years now. Now we can have so many people in that house that would be totally coveted.”

“God this is a really tough question – I want to say the name, but if they bring it back I’m not going to say the name and I’m in charge of that line up,” he added cautiously.

“It was rare enough that the big name was the one who delivered the best material but that was the beauty of Celebrity Big Brother.

“You’d have this every year — you’d have launch night and trolls would be going ‘Who’s who I thought was Celebrity Big Brother? But then in a week, they’re like ‘oh my god, he’s my favorite person in the world’ and so does Celebrity Big Brother.”

He continued: “We never knew, unless you put these guys together in a house, we don’t script it or tell them what to do – we never know what’s going to happen.

“They are left to their own devices, but somehow, the mix of household members that was always there, you were guaranteed romance, you were guaranteed a drama, you were guaranteed moments. – Like David’s is dead. It’s something no producer could ever write. That’s the beauty of it.”

Since Big Brother originally launched on Channel 4 in July 2000, hundreds of new hopeful reality TV shows have tried to emulate the astonishing ratings success it has hit over the past two decades – to varying degrees of success.

As more and more Big Brother imitators pop up on our screens, Rylan sees this as a sign that it’s time for the original to return and reclaim the throne.

“At the end of the day, there are a million reality TV shows out there,” he explains during our chat.

“Some do well — some do a series or two and disappear — but I’m always wondering if you’re going to take the Big Brother concept and put it somewhere else, or the Big Brother concept. Take it and replace it and call it something else, why not just bring back the original?”

“No shadows for other reality shows, but for me, Big Brother is the biggest and the best,” the popular presenter concluded on Monday.

* Rylan has partnered with McDonald’s to launch MyMcDonald’s Rewards, starting today in 10 restaurants across the north of England. It will then be rolled out to 65 more restaurants by the end of the month, with the aim of rolling out if it becomes a national success later this year. You can opt in through MyMcDonald’s App

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