Scholarships for children to stay in Jalisco. How to get it? – financial

Being the mother or father of a family sometimes means being the sole ‘head’ of the household when it comes to the people who are raising alone with your kids, It is precisely for them that assistance programs are directed towards caring for their loved ones while they are away for work reasons.

This is the case of Tlaquepaque in Jalisco, whose local government called for Children for 2022, aimed at mothers and fathers over the age of 16.

especially those who are supported in a state of violencebelonging to, disabled or vulnerable groups.

What requirements must you meet in order to apply for assistance?

  • Check whether you are working in a formal job or that you do a remunerative economic activity.
  • That job must have a work day of at least 6 hours five days a week.
  • The age of the daughters should be between two months to one day before their sixth birthday.
  • Living in situations of economic or social vulnerability (this will be determined by an interview with municipal officials).
  • Do not work for the government of Tlaquepaque.
  • Do not be a direct relative of a trusted public servant in the Municipality of San Pedro Tlaquepaque.
  • Should not be a beneficiary of any other municipal social program.
  • Not be a beneficiary of a state, federal, or private organization’s social program to pay for child care services for the same minor son or daughter.

How is aid distributed?

during 2022. up to 6 payments 2 thousand 400 pesos bi-monthly to the beneficiaries for each daughter or son, so that parents pay for a care service in a particular childcare facility.

These must be located in the metropolitan area of ​​Guadalajara with a valid municipal license and duly certified by the relevant Municipal Directorate of Civil Defense.

There is a limit to the scholarship, as the aid will be given only up to three daughters or sons. The resources will be supplied in the next two months.

What are the requirements you must meet to access the scholarship?

  • Fill out the registration application. They will be available at the offices of the General Coordination for Economic Development and Combating Inequality in Tlaquepaque.
  • Prove that you live in the municipality for which you can use these documents: electricity bill, services, water, predial or residence card (issued in the general secretariat of the city council), valid not more than 3 months.
  • Confirm your identity and age by presenting the following documents: valid official identification with photo (INE) with address in the municipality of Tlaquepaque; Birth Certificate or CURP.
  • If you are a minor, you can prove your identity with a recent residence card; Valid student ID or school certificate.
  • Prove the parental authority of minors with the following documents: Birth Certificate or CURP.
  • Proof of registration of a minor in a private children’s stay, on the institution’s letterhead, stating that the boy or girl will attend or participate in it, establishing the days and hours in which the minor will be attended and the monthly amount to be paid or be paid for such service.
  • Prove that you carry out a remunerative economic activity by means of a proof of employment that does not exceed 10 days from the date of its issue, indicating working days and hours, salary, position, name of the company where you work are, specifying address, telephone, name. and the signature of the immediate senior or head of the Human Resources Department.
  • Finally, you will be asked to complete the Applicant Profile Form, which you can find at the Office of Economic Development. On the day of your appointment to fill out the Application and Clinical Interview Application, you will need to submit original documents and a copy. All documents submitted for the process must be legible and in good condition.