SHCP to INE, checkmate?

In the Fourth Transformation Approach against the National Electoral Institute (INE) for past, present and future reasons, once again the simplicity of campaigning wins the game over technical, legal and ethical considerations. At least in the populometer.

Directors Cordova and Murayama logically appeal to the formalization of the request for extraordinary funds by the executive (1,730 million pesos) to be able to hold a popular consultation with a democratic quality.

Sarkar and Morena hinted loosely to suggest cuts full of shortcomings, errors and ignorance. The power point that determines how to get 3 billion pesos also includes hesitation. It doesn’t matter, it advises penance that something lasts.

Enemies of the IEE argue, I assert with success in the collective imagination, that if directors reduce their salaries, they give up their insurance for major medical expenses, the benefits of employment for the vast majority of people. The aliens are, if they attack trusts intended for other purposes, that in thick strokes they make it like a hidden piggy bank, INE can do what Murray and the Presidency say, he doesn’t want to do. Vague but effective.

long war. In extraordinary chapters, the INE won specific battles, agreed to act harshly and secured the participation of two important courts; The Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation (SCJN) and the Federation of Judicial Power of the Electoral Tribunal of the Federation (TEPJF) with various rulings that “protected” the IEE from failing to comply with obligations with or without additional administration which was observed by electoral advisers but few understand that legal certainty.

The launch of deputy Sergio GutiƩrrez Luna against six councilors, who voted for repeal to stop the conduct of some phases towards consultation, criminalized them (before the FGR) a historic democratic aberration and nevertheless, and their public Despite the return, the first condemnation remains, the loathsome danger remains.

A propaganda is nonsense that despite being absurd, the councilors are in danger. No one is offended, everyone colludes in deceit. Morena celebrates the explosion, as she adjusts to her haunting spell; Councilors Cordova and Murayama act politically, opponents of the Fourth Change. Fifis, conservatives and drawer disqualifications. Correct? No matter?

More than enough, with Morena chanting and the National Palace attacks. Despite the institutional prestige enjoyed by the INE, in this war of consultations for the non-repealing of the mandate, the IEE is beginning to lose ground. The performance of the suggestion of the new penance also does not achieve the scope of the earlier. And the second that was endorsed by the Secretary of the Interior yesterday. There is neither extra money nor will there be.

It is no small matter to face the force that the Fourth Transformation has concentrated. Confronting this functional system of propaganda that has always influenced popular sentiment without spending time and energy detailing complex realities foreign to Mexico’s daily existence is a major undertaking.

Consulting for the revocation of the mandate, its level of certainty, safety, scope and quality will be directly proportional to the budget that INE has. Most likely, it will not be exemplary, but it will be functional for the government and the political project of Morena.

For power, the consequences feed it, they give it a reason to be. INE’s argument is steeped in formalism, in political correctness. They will say in the INE that there is no more, only in this way they can articulate their defense and establish a position.

But in the class, Fuentevjuna’s spirit leans in favor of those who show themselves as protectors of the disadvantaged (the most) and the privileged and the privileged (the least). Winding up wages and benefits is a surefire weapon.

This would let the legislative majority know where to aim for electoral reform. The historical cost, the political risk of returning to government, the arbitrariness of operations and elections in turn, will be reduced with words.

The takeaway is that transformational rhetoric tends to operate on a moral superiority premise that centers around a single figure. And then? Social belief, ideological delusion, plain and raw.