Shops ‘Frantic’ Lotto draw ahead of ‘must-win’ record

To everyone’s relief, at least for the National Lottery operator, Saturday’s lotto has to be won, and the shops selling tickets are busier than ever.

The jackpot prize of €19.06 million will be awarded on Saturday evening, which is less likely than the events so far.

The lotto jackpot has not been won since June 6. There have been 61 consecutive jackpot rollovers. A betting man or woman would get lotto-like odds on that scenario.

Noel Dunne, owner of the Sentra on Parnell Street in Dublin, said it was “manic” in his shop on Friday.

“I always find it amusing that people think they have a better chance in the big guys but I think people just want to get involved. It has generated huge interest,” he said.

“We have a lot of offices after organizing the syndicate. The fact that it’s been so long, seven months, people just want to be part of the excitement. ,

Regulars were buying more lines than usual, and newcomers were buying tickets to “join it for the jackpot.”

The same was true for the Londis on Westmoreland Street.

“It’s crazy right now. People are going crazy. One guy spent over €4,000 today, another one spent €2,000 and one guy spent €500. Here’s the most we’ve ever seen.” Joanna Baker said.

“People are buying more lines than usual, it’s a huge amount instead of just three or four lines,” she said.

Similarly, a shopkeeper at the Spar on D’Olier Street said it was “crazy” all morning, with more than 10 people spending “big, big money” on tickets, and “too many people coming in for even smaller tickets”. Were”.