Spiking victims tell lawmakers about ‘huge shame’ after getting drunk


Piking victims have told lawmakers about the “enormous shame” they experienced after consuming the drug at night.

Two women and a man told the Commons Home Affairs Committee how they suffered memory blanks after being targeted in bars and clubs, lost control of their bodies and became “violently ill”.

Hannah Stratton of Newquay in Cornwall described how her drink was intoxicating while drinking a few glasses of wine with two friends at a quiet bar.

The 51-year-old said she had to lay her head on the bar table because she couldn’t keep her upper body up and her legs felt like lead.

Her friends helped her to a taxi home, but she said the driver judged her to be drunk and thought the whole experience was “outrageous”.

Ms Stratton said: “You just feel so disgusted with yourself – and it’s understandable to the other victims here.

“And it sounds really silly – many people have said to me: ‘No, no, no, don’t blame yourself, why are you feeling disgusted with yourself?’ But you can.

“It takes a long time to really turn it around and realize that, really, I don’t have any self-blame or that I shouldn’t blame myself, but that’s why I didn’t report it.”

She said she struggled with feelings of self-doubt whether she drank too much, but added: “I’m 51. I’ve never behaved like this in my life, and I’m a couple glasses. I am not going to behave like this after alcohol.”

Ms Stratton said she had educated her three daughters about the risks, but believed she was “too old” for this to happen to them,