Stacey Solomon’s great fall tips to keep your home clean and fresh in 2022

Looking for fall after the joyous chaos that Christmas has brought?

Many of us look forward to a fresh start in 2022, but there is a lack of space in our homes due to the fact that we are overrun with things that we no longer need or use.

Stacey Solomon’s hit BBC1 reality show Sort Your Life Out revealed just how much stuff an average family squeezes into their precious living space.

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She and her team of experts help families get rid of unwanted and unnecessary items and organize their storage so that it works for both parents and children.

You Can Catch Up on Sort Your Life Out bbc iplayer But in the meantime, we take a look at some of the top fall and organizing tips from the loose female presenter and her team to help you create a happier and more harmonious home for you and your loved ones in 2022.

1. Freeze One Room at a Time

In the TV series, Stacy and her team completely empty a family home into a warehouse so they can see everything they own and sort it into categories.

How much would we like to do that? Sadly, renting a warehouse and taking the time to clear out your home isn’t feasible for most, but it does make sense to work your way through your home, clearing out areas and Groups items into categories so you can get exactly how much stuff you deposited.

It also enables you to see how many times you’ve bought duplicates because you didn’t find the item you were looking for.

This isn’t an easy task, but remember that there will be little to organize going forward that should streamline cleaning and cleanup in the future!

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2. Separate your items into three stacks

During each episode, families are encouraged to divide their unwanted belongings into three piles: to recycle, to donate, and to sell. And they are encouraged to be ruthless!

Take your recycler directly to Tip, take your donation to a charity shop and start listing your items to sell on eBay, Vinted, Facebook Marketplace or one of the other online shopping sites.

Don’t be tempted to leave stuff hanging around because it will make its way back into your closet again, especially if you have kids around.

3. Use Transparent Storage Boxes and Jars — and Label Everything

Stacy says she uses glass jars for everything from pasta and spices to rice and vegetables.

On the show, Stacy arranges labeled boxes for children’s clothing in the shared bedroom, and also separates toiletries into labeled boxes.

The same goes for toys, games and tools. And her advice is to label everything so the items are never mixed up. This helps to save time and reduce confusion, especially when you can encourage kids to put away their clothes and toys as well.

You can use sticky labels, get a label maker or even print pictures to stick on toy boxes to help kids see where their things need to go.

4. Be Brutal With Your Wardrobe

A good rule of thumb, it was suggested, is to ask yourself if you’ve worn an item in the past year. If the answer is no, it’s probably best to donate, recycle, or sell it.

Don’t take it as a waste because someone else might enjoy wearing it – and you might even earn yourself some cash.

And, it’s a good idea to rotate your summer and winter clothes. Pack out-of-season items in clean storage containers so you don’t have to go through the frustration of rummaging through your bulky jumpers, scarves, and gloves to find your summer clothes and shorts. It reminds you to put on all your clothes instead of being in the same stuff all year long.

If you’re short on space, try vacuum storage solutions, which compress clothing or bedding to maximize space.

5. Make the Most of Your Wall Space

The show is all about making the most of the space you have, so a lot of emphasis is placed on how items are stored for the best access.

Hooks allow you to hang clothes, fold-up tables, shelving, planters, and more.

Remember to make use of the space above your doors too—those few inches are often overlooked, but actually make the perfect size for a shelf that can hold books or storage baskets.

6. Secret Shoe Drawer Under the Stairs

There are a lot of quirky tips on show that you may never have considered before, like building a secret shoe drawer within the lower tier of the stairs.

Or taking off the shower panel and turning it into a series of slimline storage frame shelves for toiletries.

Stacy also placed plinth drawers under her new kitchen cabinets, which she said were perfect for extra snacks that might not fit in the cupboards.

7. Divide Your Drawers and Cupboards

Decluttering expert Dily Carter, who helped Stacy on the show, gave the clothes a square shape (Marie Kondo style!).

That way you can fit six t-shirts in a small space and you can see everything you own at a glance.

She also recommends labeling the boxes, of course. And, the same technique can be used for accessories and underwear as well.

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