Strengthen surveillance in Juarez Valley

Juarez City.- The head of the State Attorney General’s Office (FGE), Roberto Fierro, said police corporations strengthened their presence in the Valley from yesterday to reduce criminal groups operating in the area, who assured that they would be able to gain control of security. In the border area, they will restart the construction of a barracks for the state police and the prosecutor’s office, which had been announced since the previous administration.

He recognized that Guadalupe and Praxedis were G. The valley, made up of the municipalities of Guerrero, is a high-risk area due to a lack of police presence. “Municipalities have no police force, a complex distinction that ties Ojinaga and Villa Ahumada; This is a no-man’s land in which we have maintained a permanent operation since the disappearance of migrants in the Ojinaga area, we have conducted a permanent operation with state investigative agents, we have not stopped searching for people.” he explained.

This border area, like Juarez, is the subject of controversy by members of organized crime, who is precisely responsible for dismantling the preventive police.

The prosecutor said they are working with various government entities to provide security to the site.

The barracks, he explained, are part of the security strategies he will implement with the prosecutor’s office and state police.

In interviews at state government offices, the prosecutor said the military would have more personnel in rural communities.

Asked about those who perpetrated the violence in Juarez, he said they were identifying people from the Valley, Ozinaga and even Ahumada.

Last Wednesday night, residents of the municipality of Guadalupe reported the presence of armed people and subsequent confrontation.

There were about 30 vehicles with armed men, which, after “colliding” with each other in the Ejido communities, encountered and chased each other, which included incursions into the gap that headed towards Samalayuka. Used to take The Secretary of State for Public Security informed El Darío that there was no knowledge of any collision and that he reported the area “without incident”.

For Thursday morning, the information of an armed confrontation in that area alerted elements of the city police; The preventers operated between Riberas del Bravo at El Milan Ejido, the last community of Juárez, and the beginning of Guadalupe.

Residents of Juárez and Reforma (Municipality of Guadalupe) reported that municipal patrols crossed the border, which was dismissed by the Secretary of Public Security, Cesar Omar Muoz Morales, who said that the confrontation had been reported, launching an operation. was that El Milan arrived; Later, Riveras district personnel were in charge of security in that area.

He said that when the fire broke out, several incidents were recorded in the Riberas del Bravo subdivision and the area southeast of the city; However, the Juarez Valley was not neglected when personnel from other police districts were mobilized.

It was until this Friday that state agents raided Guadalupe, where they found a body, abandoned vehicles with bullet holes in bodywork and tactical equipment.

The intervention was carried out by the regional director of the State Security Commission (CES), Ricardo Realvazquez Dominguez, who accompanied agents through the streets and gaps where the confrontation was reported, since last Wednesday, between two criminal groups operating in Valle. , informed the employees of the Corporation.

In interviews in this regard, the Secretary of State for Public Security, Gilberto Loya Chavez, confirmed that some seizures had been made.


Seven vehicles, one of them armored, tactical equipment, radio communications and hundreds of shell casings of various calibers, as well as one dead man, were located after three levels of government officials conducted an operation in a dirt gap. Guadalupe district municipality Bravos, after reports of confrontations between armed civilians.

The report was obtained by the State Public Security Secretariat (SSPE) and involved a confrontation between groups of armed civilians in a dirt gap in the town of Barreles, which required the State Police, the Defense Secretariat National (Sedena), elements of the National Guard and The State Investigation Agency (AEI) reached the spot.

While passing through the dirt gap, an abandoned blue Dodge RAM pick-up was located first and, slightly ahead, a gray Ford Econoline pickup was also left.

Through the gap above, 18 km from the town of Barreles, a fenced property was in sight and a black, armored Land Rover truck was located in place; A sand-colored Chevrolet Tahoe, and a white Ford Ranger, all vehicles with gunshot wounds.

Continuing through the gap, elements spotted a gray Nissan Titan pickup with gunshot wounds; meters later, a Chevrolet Silverado pickup and, to one side, the body of a man.

Vehicles, equipment and shell casings will be insured by the State Attorney General’s Office (FGE) to conduct a tailored investigation; Similarly, Forensic Medical Service (SEMFO) personnel took charge of transferring the person’s body to its facilities and carrying out the law’s autopsy.



• Blue Dodge RAM

• Gray Ford Econoline

• Land Rover in black, armored

• Chevrolet Tahoe, Sand Color

• Ford Ranger

• Chevrolet Silverado

• Nissan Titan Gray

what’s more:

• Radio communication equipment

• Strategic Team

• bulletproof vests

• Bushes of various calibers

ran away:

• Secretary of State for Public Safety

• Secretary of National Defense

• National Guard

• State Investigation Agency