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Apart from acting irresponsibly to contract COVID and infect everyone, AMLO clarified its failures. Changes in his cabinet follow his logic of loyalty, regardless of abilities. Jiménez Ponce was dismissed for not being able to finish the Maya train in time and form, which continued to increase in cost, but was reinstated at SCT where he would provide the necessary support.

The appointment of Xavier May, who had not even finished high school but had even served as Secretary of State, makes no sense to carry out a project without the knowledge. Which indicates that AMLO will take over the reins on its own. The first problem is the change of layout, the need to acquire land and establish a right of way, which will not deter the President. He is obsessed with his own importance and this project is his contribution. The consequences, even if he ends it, are questionable.

The rest of the cabinet changes also reflect the level of confidence in the loyalty. He is no longer interested in who he is, but in how to break out of his labyrinth. Felipe Engels Airport with an uncertain destination regarding its commercial use. Changes in the management of AICM do not contribute to its improvement. The TUA is still being used to pay for the airport it refused to build, but it has resources for investors. Dos Bocas continues with construction problems and sinks not only in the subsoil, but also in high cost.

Citigroup’s exit from Mexico is undoubtedly bad news. No matter who buys the business, the decision implies a negative valuation of the country. Rajdhani flight continues. Members of the North American Senate’s Finance Committee asked Biden to honor T-MEC due to defaults in labor aspects (reforms), clean energy (AMLO Law Initiative), agriculture (exports), telecommunications (new taxes), services (sanctions). asked for ) and pharmaceuticals (market reach), food (brand exposure). AMLO’s preference for Pemex and CFE to regulate the market goes against the treaty, the senators pointed out.

The new wave of COVID with the Omicron variant I am recovering from has been shocking because of the speed of the contagion. As usual the government has nothing to help the population. López Gatell says that if you have symptoms, don’t get tested, he knows that’s not enough and they’re already exhausted in many areas, and they lock themselves up at home. Those who must present evidence of illness at work so as not to face punishment, wander desperately to get a test, which, moreover, is misleading because of false negatives. Antigen testing, and PCR can only be performed by high-income earners. people, because of its cost. So there is nothing for the poor, if they got the vaccine, they were lucky, now nothing will happen to them.

Thus the government of the poor first makes water in the health part without the necessary resources, medicines or medical personnel. To each his own destiny. Hospitals are already starting to get saturated. Claudia Sheinbaum in the campaign says that nothing happens in Mexico City and they will continue to attend classes. He criticized UNAM for the security measures. Of course, his test turned out to be negative and he asks employers not to request COVID tests from their infected employees. Great effort.

From his palace, AMLO, with all medical aid, recovers. From the point of view of security, it is not the case in which there is a record of deaths. But his concern is similar to what we saw with the change in the cabinet focused on electoral issues. The attack on INE continues to rein in the institution for not abiding by the law. This would deprive them of resources for the repeal of the mandate, so that they are located outside the legal framework to which they are bound. Democracy in Mexico is in grave danger. The urge to disqualify directors to protect their labor rights is the criticism with which they seek to undermine them.

SCJN must act on the matter, as the decision against INE was not made by plenary, as it should have been, and should get to the bottom of the matter. The magistrates exceeded their powers. The issue that no one is obliged to do the impossible should be sufficiently ventilated if the SHCP refuses additional resources and legislators do not change the law. The coup against INE is undoubtedly the cherry on the cake that AMLO wants to cross. What he ignores is that it has already happened with several decisions: cancellation of NAICM, energy reforms, hand-wringing of projects, lack of transparency and legitimacy in the award of public works, decree, Enrichment of their children and relatives, austerity destroying institutions, INSABI and public health, mega actions without social impact, censorship of journalists, feminists and minority groups, insecurity, lack of investment certainty. And a long one, which will remain in history, with or without the Maya train… journey after journey.