Supermarket employee’s trip to Dublin ‘ruined’ after Ryanair flight delayed by 5 hours

A supermarket employee has told of her “really terrifying experience” that a £5 Ryanair flight from Birmingham to Dublin was stuck on the runway for more than five hours.

Andrew Bayliss, 47, thought he had struck a bargain when he booked the day trip (with a £15 return flight) at the October flash sale to visit friends he had lived in Ireland for five years. had not seen

But the reunion was “ruined” and the trip was cut in half after passengers were forced to wait five hours before boarding the plane.

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Arriving early at Birmingham Airport for an 8.05 a.m. flight on 11 November, Andrew says that passengers did not begin boarding the plane until 8.30 a.m. – only to be told the plane had no fuel.

And things went from bad to worse when, after a two-hour wait, Andrew said an announcement from Tannoy announced that the plane now needed de-icing as a result of the snow.

“We didn’t start boarding the plane until 8.30 a.m.,” Andrew said. “So it was already late, and by then it had started snowing.

“They closed the doors and then the pilot came over to Tannoy and said we had no fuel.

Andrew Bayliss’ Ryanair flight from Birmingham to Dublin delayed by five hours

“Obviously the crew was due to board another plane at the other end of the airport, but the plane had a last-minute change but had no fuel.

“We waited about two hours for refueling and then it started snowing again.

“The pilot said we now need to wait for someone to arrive and de-ice us. We waited two more hours but in the meantime, another Ryanair plane landed, stood next to us and we saw it was on our side. The front is getting de-iced, then it blows up again.

“By this time people were looking to get off the plane and the pilot agreed for those who wanted to land. People queued at the back, but then had to wait for an hour and a half because no one was available. Take a step

“We sat on this plane for five hours and we were not given anything to drink or eat.

“It happened around 12.30 and then we were told that the plane no longer needed de-icing because it got hot. That’s how little snow and ice had melted on the plane.”

Andrew says that the plane was ultimately delayed by five and a half hours – forcing him to cancel his lunch plans with friends and leaving him in town for only four hours before he had to wait for his flight. Had to go back to the airport.

“It was about five and a half hours at the end and it wasn’t very comfortable. We had to keep our masks on the whole time, so it was very pathetic,” Andrew said.

“All this for an hour long flight.

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Snow on the window of a Ryanair flight from Birmingham to Dublin. Flight delayed by five hours due to ‘unfavourable weather’

“It ruined our plans. We wanted to go shopping and dine but we were on our way back to my friends’ house to catch up for a few hours, then I had to go back to the airport.”

To make matters worse, Andrew’s claim for compensation from Ryanair has since been denied.

He said: “Just before the plane took off in Dublin, the crew apologized for the delay and the pilot said at Tannoy that it was not weather related, but due to a lack of ground staff at the airport.

“I was reading on their website that anything from a flight delay of three hours means you may be entitled to compensation.

“I made a late claim, and was informed that it was rejected, as it was due to unfavorable weather. However it was not so, and this was confirmed with the pilot.

“If it was a meteorological delay, why was the Ryanair flight parked next to us allowed to pass in front of us?”

He added: “A terrifying experience indeed.”

A spokesman for the airline told Birmingham Live that the delay was “out of Ryanair’s control”.

A Ryanair spokesperson said: “This flight from Birmingham to Dublin (27 November) was delayed due to adverse weather conditions beyond Ryanair’s control.

“Passengers aboard the plane were able to purchase refreshments, which can be spent back on

“Per EU 261 law, passengers are not entitled to compensation if a flight delay is beyond Ryanair’s control.

“A member of the Ryanair customer service department has been in direct contact to help navigate any expenses the customer may incur.”

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