Taoiseach ‘hoping’ progress can be made on easing restrictions next week

The state’s public health team Nphet will meet next week as the Taoiseach says it “hopes” that progress can be made on easing restrictions after that.

Mr Martin said closing hours for hospitality and indoor events at 8 pm would be observed and a package of support for entertainers would also be considered.

“We will be looking at hospitality and we will obviously be looking at the 8 pm ban as well. With (Minister) Katherine (Martin) and others in the cabinet, we are looking at how we can continue to support artists and artists. ,

“Certainly we are making progress with respect to COVID-19 and with Omicron. It has been a very permeable version, which in its own way has made gatherings potentially challenging,” he said.

“That said, I want to say pay tribute to the sector for their great tolerance and tolerance, with many demonstrations during the day and earlier in the day and really trying to innovate around the restrictions. But the restrictions are very severe, there is no point in saying anything else.”

Mr Martin said that although he is not in a position to say anything definitive yet about the easing of restrictions, he is hopeful.

“We are making progress against Omicron. There will be a meeting of NAFET next week and I hope that we will be in a position to move forward in terms of the current sanctions.

“We are optimistic in terms of the progress we have made to date.”

Taniste Leo Varadkar has said that a decision on easing COVID-19 restrictions is unlikely to be taken until it is clear that the numbers in hospitals are peaking.