Teacher vaccination postponed by 3 days

Juarez City.- Given the snowfall registered in the United States, the transfer of modern formula vaccine batches was delayed, so the booster vaccination of educational workers in Chihuahua State was postponed until next Wednesday, January 12, the head of the Ministry of Education reported and Sports (SEyD), Javier Gonzalez Mocken.

“There are problems getting to Mexico because of the blizzard and it comes to our country on Saturday or Sunday. The application will take place on Wednesday and Thursday,” the secretary said, after last Tuesday, January 4, the state agency announced, through a statement, that the vaccination campaign against Covid-19 would take place on the next Saturday, the 8th day.

Last Tuesday, President Andres Manuel López Obrador told a press conference that reinforcement vaccination of educational personnel would begin next Saturday with the shipment of 1.27 million doses to the country’s 16 states, and another five days later. , to serve other 16 states with modern formula.

open register

In addition, SEyD reported that the registration of educational personnel in the state of Chihuahua will take place from today through the digital platform of the Educational Information System (SIE), so they will need to enter the https://sie.chihuahua link. .mx/vacuna/, where they will be able to select the nearest headquarters to their workplace and find out the schedule of applications for the organic.

The application of the modern dosage will take place in 15 locations distributed in 11 regions of the state: two in Chihuahua, two in Juárez, two in Cuautémoc and two in Delicias, in addition to a headquarters in each region of Nuevo Casas Grandes, Madeira, Bocoyna, Guachochi. , Guadalupe y Calvo, Hidalgo del Paral and Ozinaga reported the Secretary of Education.

He also pointed out that there will be approximately 62,000 doses of the booster vaccine that will be available to all personnel in the education sector: teacher, administrative and education support at all levels, including the National Council for Educational Development (CONAFE), Chihuahuas. Teachers at the Institute of Adult Education (ICHEA) and Training.

The logistics to follow for the application of the biological booster were determined yesterday during a meeting of the Immunization Committee, which was led by Colonel Noé Martínez, director of the Regional Military Hospital, and made up of representatives from the Institute for Safety and Social Services. For State Workers (ISSSTE), Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS), Ministry of Welfare and SEyD.

“In Vaccination Days to be held on Wednesday, January 12th and Thursday, January 13th, it seeks to provide education workers with greater protection to return in person to classes with the least possible exposure, as well as preventive measures with that they are already in schools”, said González Mocken.

Today is the last day of virtual class

Today is the last day of distance classes in elementary schools, so starting next Monday, January 10, students and teachers will return to classes individually, but with a maximum capacity of 50 percent in each group, González Mocken pointed out.

Since last December 13, face-to-face classes were suspended in schools to reduce the number of registered infections and this measure lasted for a week after the return of the holiday period, so during this week, students Attended their classes from inside their homes.

The suspension of face-to-face classes was a result of the high number of Covid-19 infections, as there were only 314 positive cases for the virus from December 6 to 11, which is why activities were suspended in 109 educational establishments and 122 . According to data from the Deputy Directorate of Epidemiology of the Ministry of Health, the groups belonging to different schools.

Yesterday, González Mocken confirmed that a return to classes would take place from next week, but clarified that this is not a normal return in which one hundred percent of students’ enrollments will return to classes, but will be attended on staggered days. that the capacity of the clusters should not exceed 50 per cent.