TEPJF concludes qualification for 2020-2021 election, resolves 15,260 challenges – Tech Viral Tips

Electoral Tribunal of Federal Judicial Power (TEPJF) concluded the merit of electoral process 2020-2021 In which 15,290 challenges were registered till 7 September. 2020,

Simultaneously, the court said in a press release, its role as a guarantor of politico-electoral rights was endorsed.

“The TEPJF demonstrated its commitment to the strengthening of democracy by providing certainty, credibility and legitimacy to electoral process The largest concurrent in the country’s history, held on 6 June, 2021‘ he elaborated.

He said that in Process Norms were adopted for effective use of political rights.election of citizenship, in compliance with national norms and international standards in respect of human rights.

He said an example of this are the decisions of the Superior Chamber to prevent and combat political violence based on gender; or affirmative action aimed at securing effective representation on behalf of various vulnerable groups.

as well as decisions to guarantee gender equality in applications and the integration of representative bodies and the formation of authorities election, As well as guaranteeing freedom of expression and the press in the context of political debate.

It indicated that the right to consultation on matters relating to indigenous peoples and communities was also protected; and the protection of both popular consultation and mandate revocation procedures.

He said that norms were also established for equitable development of the competition election, by limitation of the use of social programs and government propaganda during the election period; as well as norms in cases of invalidity of inspection, re-election and Election,

“All these decisions were issued in a time bound manner and they resolved differences in an impartial manner, contributing to the coordination of jurisdictional norms in political matters.election“, He said TEPJF This is a statement.

The agency elaborated that between 7 September 2020 and on 31st December 2021 15,290 challenges resolved.

It indicated that these cases were resolved in an average of 12.54 days, from the date of receipt to the issuance of the sentence.

He said that based on the challenges, TEPJF 10,691 sentences were issued to solve all cases (they were submitted and 4,599 litigations were resolved).

He said that 93.1 percent of the sentences were passed unanimously and 6.9 percent by a majority of the magistrates.

He pointed out that the most commonly used instrument of challenge was the test for the protection of political rights.election Citizens representing 49.34 per cent of the cases.

“Which suggests that the work of the court is focused on the defense and protection of political rights.election of citizenship”, he pointed out.

In the end, he pointed out that the topics that come up most frequently in lawsuits are related to Election From 2021 Electoral results were 27.38 percent; The internal life of the parties with 22.10 percent and approval process 13.89 percent.

“In short, TEPJF showed, during this complex and historical period electionTo be ready to face the challenges successfully and to swiftly accomplish the high task given by the citizens,” he indicated.

He concluded by saying that TEPJF Always on account of accountability and demand with independence, transparency and fairness, at all times social inclusion and represents in public bodies of people from vulnerable groups.