Thanks to Micron, we glimpse the end

On top of the pandemic, ironically, the end of the threat of COVID-19 is in sight.

The strain causing new infections of COVID-19 may or may not be micron, or it may be the drastic relaxation of hygiene measures over the Christmas holidays.

In any case, the truth is that, in addition to the high infectivity of the new strain, in addition to the high percentage of vaccinations in the population, the high numbers of people exposed to the disease have been linked together. The current vaccination levels in the population have become the two most important factors for the new wave of infection, which is characterized by a significant reduction in disease severity and virus lethality.

That’s the paradox: morbidity (the ability to cause disease) increased, but the lethality of the viral agent that most affected humanity has decreased.

And that factor, which has added to vaccination, has made an epidemic when it first appeared, showing us that it can be controlled, controlled and administered in the future.

If vaccines are shown to be effective in reducing the impact of disease, then the correct route to do so would be to implement all possible vaccines for all segments of the susceptible population.

If the ability of López Obrador to overturn some of his claims, decisions or projects was in many cases on the national agenda, we are faced with three of them: first, acknowledging that vaccinations for the elderly were done without restrictions. goes. five years; Second, promote the cancellation of consultations on the revocation of its mandate and, third, lead to a great national agreement for the country’s economic reactivation.

That consultation is neither needed nor needed by the country; Nor is it necessary for the president’s party and its candidates to lead electoral priorities in most institutions that will renew local powers this year and become favorites in the 2024 presidential election.

As if that weren’t enough, all measurements indicate that López Obrador—a percentage of the population who votes—will emerge with much greater support for his administration.

So why do an exercise – with everything and how democratic it can be, in general, but not in particular, in this case – the result of which we already know but above all, there is no civil movement that promoting?

Furthermore, for a sanitary moment, it is necessary to conserve those economic resources, and use them to combat the pandemic by purchasing more vaccines – immunizing people over the age of five and others; Implement booster doses for all segments of the population – buy drugs that fight the virus and invest considerable resources in economic reactivation.

The work of the government, which listens carefully to what the disease itself is telling, is no more or less today:

We must vaccinate the entire population; most vaccinations; prepare for annual vaccination (or biennial, whichever is necessary); Promoting the manufacture of vaccine in the country; Substantial increase in investment in medical research; Huge amounts are being spent on improving the health system.

Finance MSMEs (Micro, Small and Medium Sized Companies) as soon as possible; Provide zero-rate financing to small family businesses and close agreements with large companies to guarantee certainty in their investments to enable private investment to thrive, as without this the country would have no economic growth at the levels required , according to population growth and existing gaps.

This is not enough to create a false base of perceived economic recovery and formal jobs, which we will now have only 100,000 more than the current ones in December 2019 and did not have the two million needed to employ youth who have access to Agreed. Yield. Working age in the year 2020 and 2021.

Faced with these figures, in terms of youth enrolled in the “youth building the future” program provided by the government, who receive 5,258 pesos per month and which has allowed the support of 2 million 105 thousand 696 beneficiaries , of which, apparently, those who were already unemployed at the beginning of the current government.

In the face of problems of such dimensions, the confrontation with the epidemic acquires greater importance, which manifests itself with mild symptoms, not throwing bells for flight, on the contrary, undoubtedly increasing the number of infected people. will cause that at some point it is necessary to improve hospital capacity and care for those who need it; But, in addition, the number of people infected is such that, in the pre-pandemic past, we faced an influenza pandemic, with all kinds of economic consequences we barely see now and that are beginning to be appreciated, e.g. For, is seen in the suspension of flights and, with all certainty, already in absence from work and, of course, in the suspension of face-to-face classes at all educational levels.

For this reason, facing the new phase of the pandemic requires the greatest possible practicality, that is, as maintained by health officials at all levels, and internationally, if you look at the similarities from a picture of respiratory symptoms. For people with flu, assume it’s Covid-19, and isolate yourself.

With that practicality, that the employer’s party considers that it would be most convenient to accept that reality, rather than require the presentation of a negative Covid Rapid Test Certificate (since it takes five days for symptoms of a rapid test to be reliably positive) ) and because the percentage of false negatives is very high, which generates a very high degree of uncertainty.

That’s why Chihuahua health officials’ prevention is right: “If you can stay at home this weekend, it’s better to stay there. If you’ve already been diagnosed with COVID-19, you can avoid any emergency.” Can use 911 for but if not, do not step out of the house and isolate yourself in a room for the safety of the people living in the same house”.

All of the above can reduce social mobility without the need for large drastic measures and, therefore, contribute to reducing infections and waiting for the wave of these to subside due to a combination of all these factors and being self-limiting. Huh. of illness.

Undoubtedly, other factors for the appearance of this wave are the relaxation of sanitary measures on the occasion of the Christmas holiday, with relatives arriving from the United States making a decisive contribution, many of whom were victims, or asymptomatic carriers. micron variant and whose high involvement can be seen as the main source of infection constituted by family gatherings, as was the case a year earlier.

Differences abound, today we do not see how friends, relatives, acquaintances, medical workers and thousands of Mexicans have fallen on our side, so it is fair to say that the vaccine has shown us the possibility that the tragedy of our days is an end and a future. For months we can control it.

we will do it.