The Blind Road to Recovery – Tech Viral Tips

The resurgence of the pandemic has prompted Mexico to face a renewed state of vulnerability, which disappeared in late 2021. The most sensitive part of this process has been the labor market, where all adjustment processes are united because it is the pillar of the well-being of any society, hence the fear of the authorities to take more drastic measures to prevent infections, to solve A complex dilemma, but the country needs to reflect in a comprehensive manner. No measures have been taken to completely reorganize the health system, so the situation we are facing today, with the system weakened by the pandemic, needs to be reconsidered how to allocate additional resources to health institutions. can go so that they can do their work. , and take steps to prevent the spread of infection. While it is necessary to reduce the risk of infection of the population, it seems that the traffic light system used in the previous phases has stopped working and today congestion is allowed in most parts of the country. A fundamental problem is in transport, where control measures must be increased, both in urban areas, such as in road and air transport, where there has been an increase in infections among personnel in charge of its operations.

One of the most vulnerable areas has been the labor market with a high proportion of infections being reported in some areas of the country, especially in areas with tourist services such as Quintana Roo. There has been a significant impact on the labor market, this sector needs to be analyzed carefully, although it has improved compared to 2020, it remains depressed compared to 2019. The figures released by IMSS on its insured are as follows: 846 thousand more insureds have improved in December 2021 as compared to December 2020, however, if December 2019 is taken as reference, 183.5 thousand jobs decreased She goes. This stems not only from the weakness of the recovery, but also from the adjustments in the workforce made by many companies between November and December, the adjustment in 2021 was a reduction of 313 thousand jobs.

Regionally, employment as reported by IMSS has not reached its level in December 2019 in the central region, where there were 6.2 million insured people in November 2019 and they reached 5.9 million in December 2021. This decline in the labor market also occurred in the southern region where people registered with IMSS do not reach 2019 levels, the areas that have made progress have been in the west and north, which have achieved a percentage increase. 2019 level. These trends should be analyzed to define strategies to strengthen the labor market and prevent companies from continuing to adjust at the end of the year to reduce profits. It can be argued that cost adjustments are made by companies by adjusting their employees at the end of the year.

In this context, it is essential that recovery be based on the strengthening of public investment in health combined with increased investment in various sectors of the economy, seeking to increase efficiency through increased productivity and not through adjustment in market labor. From. As such, a monitoring by the industrial sector authorities is required to see what is happening in key sectors such as the automotive and electronics sectors, as the process of expanding production or exports is not being achieved. It arises as a result of the lack of monitoring of global value chains and changes in technology in the way they are adjusting globally.

Automotive chains in our country are undergoing considerable changes, with production shifting to freight vehicles, with automobile production reaching 708,242 in 2021, 26 percent less than those registered in 2020, instead of light trucks 2,271,034, an increase of 9.3 percent over the previous year. The 2020 total adjustment was a production reduction of 2 percent, which shows how the automotive industry’s production chain is being reorganized, requiring attention from those in charge of the country’s industrial policy. An agreement must be defined with all producers so that Mexico remains a dynamic production and export platform within the North American region. In this perspective, it is necessary to sit and negotiate with all the producers on their investment plans for the next ten years, because if the country is going to specialize in light trucks, it is necessary to define the restructuring of their plants with the producers. So that they can assemble the latest generation vehicles like hybrid and electric. This compromise is necessary in order to reduce the fragility of recovery, otherwise the road will be tortuous and with low growth. It seems we find ourselves how in our disheartened return to Ulysses Ithaca, where the songs of the sirens constantly distract us, we must be clear about the actions the authorities take to get us back on the path of growth. To do.