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The lie has ended up causing inconvenience to the population and even more so if the harsh reality falls into the pockets of all Mexicans and especially the most disadvantaged.

Inflation, the worst in 20 years and the price of gasoline, the highest, even the most false, in recent decades has been silenced and this is happening with the President’s speech that doesn’t cover the sun with a finger. could.

It has been announced that from the first day of 2022, the minimum wage has increased by 22 percent with respect to its present value, which means it will increase from 141.70 to 182.87 pesos in most areas of the country, which is against the assumption of 41.17. represents. Pesos is higher among formal employees, however, this increase has already been consumed by inflation which hovers in double digits in real figures.

While wage increases go up the stairs, inflation lifts, because every week there is an increase in not only basic necessities, but everyone in general.

Inflation, which is a tax right for the poor and middle class, continues to gallop upward and is linked to what happens to the price of fuel, which averages between 23 and 25 pesos per liter in the case of gasoline. remains, although there are areas that exceed these ranges.

The constraint that AMLO will bring to his ankles for the rest of his administration is inflation and the price of gasoline, and as he strikes Pea Nieto, they are now manifold, because the PRIs in the administration did not get the prices they are now. are suffering.

Inflation and high fuel cost are the stigmas that will be borne by AMLO in the years to come.

At a time when the Bank of Mexico, the institution responsible for keeping inflation under control, has a new head and one that brings a command belt from the National Palace, it seems difficult, on the one hand, to maintain its autonomy and independence. and, on the other hand, implement the necessary measures to alleviate the ‘crisis of the poor’ without being instructed by the executive as to how to proceed.

It is true that it is the job of the World Bank to keep inflation under check, but the truth is that AMLO’s decisions are causing prices to skyrocket.

The need for new resources by the government of Q4 turns out to be a delicious delicacy to swallow the international stockpile to finish the three major tasks of this six-year term namely Santa Lucia, Dos Bocas and Train Maya. The resources needed to protect debt servicing, pensions, Pemex and CFE, and of course, continue to finance AMLO’s social-electoral policy programs.

In the first three years of this administration, the country has taken on more debt than the entire six-year term of Pea Nieto and Felipe Calderón. Only the World Bank’s funding to Mexico during this period accounted for more than 57 percent of all EPN’s registered in management.

AMLO has received $3,855 million in credits from that organization over the three years, compared to $2,462 million with EPN.

Even with this influx of resources through debt, and with a surplus due to the price of oil, the money is not enough to cover the budget.

A refinery is purchased without money for it, so the operation will be formalized with a loan and a refinery is built when the refinery is already operating, in the best cases, 30 percent in the operating range of. ,

The abuse every morning only leads to ridicule and anger, however, since it is the only weapon to protect a political project, why does it matter that the president’s credibility is so tarnished.