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MIAMI, FL.—The vote on the most important reform for this country’s political future will take place in the following days: electoral one.

The ruling party, at the crucial moment, comes to approve it without consensus or the necessary votes.

Biden decided to gamble and put it in dramatic form Tuesday: Either he’s on the side of Luther King, or he’s on the side of the separatists.

That is, are they supporters of civil rights for all, or embrace the cry of George Wallace when he took over as governor of Alabama in the 1960s: “Separation today! Segregation tomorrow! Segregation forever.” !”

We’re going to go in parts, because this issue is important to both sides in the United States.

Nineteen states (out of 50), with a Republican majority in their respective congresses, have either initiated or issued ordinances aimed at blocking the vote of minorities who historically vote for Democrats.

They have banned voting by mail, which is highly democratic.

The ballot arrives at home, and the elderly, who do not have a car or live in places far from the election, or work that day, or for convenience, forward it by mail.

That’s why when the counting is done, it often happens that the night results leave the Republican nominee and the next or subsequent day, when the mailed votes are counted, the election changes pro-democracy. it happens. ,

They have rezoned the boxes. First, polling stations are reduced by 20 to 30 percent, making it difficult for residents of democratic areas to vote.

Those who have fewer resources, lack a car or have less time, typically Latino or African American, will not spend money or work hours to vote.

And in areas with high Republican attendance, more boxes are ticked to facilitate voting.

They have put the presentation of a passport or a mandatory driver’s license, as a requirement to pay.

Passports are expensive and many African Americans and Latinos have never traveled abroad. They will not spend just to use the document in elections (there is no voter ID with a photo, as in Mexico, which is paid for by the federal budget and gives certainty to elections).

A driver’s license is cheap (about $30), but they don’t offer it to anyone: You have to know how to drive, a theory test, a practice test, and of course a car.

Electoral law to be held on a Monday or Tuesday prohibits the local Congress from placing restrictions on the right to vote.

That is: a federal mandate will be implemented to achieve a level playing field in elections.

The initiative proposes that every Tuesday of the elections be declared a holiday.

It turns out that in the United States you vote on a Tuesday, a weekday, and there is no license to vote. You don’t work an hour and they don’t pay you.

nine to five (from nine to five) As for working hours, it is only for a few. Latinos and African Americans, Democratic voters in general, want to take two turns because they are low-income people. They will not stop working and will lose pay for being absent from working hours to travel to the polling place.

The legislation that will be voted on in Congress has so far been up to republican state governments not to manipulate electoral provisions in their favor.

To pass this package of federal reforms that eliminate barriers for the Democratic voter, Biden has proposed eliminating so-called “philibuster” (something akin to filibusterism).

What is this?

firefighter It is a parliamentary norm in the Senate, which requires a half plus 10 of the senators’ votes to approve or amend the law.

A long history of such practice is rooted in the old majority democracy of American society, which is represented in the Senate, which is irrelevant to be explained in this column.

The point is that the 50 plus 10 senators rule is not in any law, so it can be changed by a simple majority vote.

It is intended that in this case, as in the case of electoral reform, the law is passed with a majority plus one vote, as in the House of Representatives.

Does Biden have the power to bypass the vote of all Democratic senators firefighter in this matter?

The answer is no. And because of the persuasion of the arguments, he will not have.

That is why he has opted for political pressure, aimed primarily at Senator Manchin and Senator Cinema, both Democrats, who do not support Biden in this or virtually any initiative.

If electoral reform does not pass, Republicans will have full freedom to manipulate local laws and win elections as a minority.