The Fine Debate – Tech Viral Tips

And when we considered that it was already inaccessible, the deputy Gerardo Fernandez Noronas He once again surpassed himself, but not in legislative efficiency, but in obscenity and hate speech. At the Permanent Commission session, the PT brought a bottle of Vic VapoRub and gloves to ease his hemorrhoids as a “gift” for the opposition. what level…

Hackers’ client

Chairman of the Senate Political Coordination Board, ricardo monreal, announced yesterday that, again, his WhatsApp was hacked, so it is not able to access the application. “I am already completing the relevant procedures to resolve this, in the meantime, I ask for your support to report any inappropriate use from my account,” said the Zacatecan legislator. Let us tell you that it is now possible to protect the account with the two-step verification “Lock” available in the app itself. where are geeks Senate advisor?

CFE must compensate

Federal Electricity Commission, which heads Manuel Bartlett, was sentenced yesterday to a payment of about 12 million pesos to a youth who, in 2015, was charged with a poorly done installation of electricity by the said state generating company (which caused lifelong damage to him and his family). There was a blow. After nearly seven years of controversy, in which CFE refused compensation, the Federal Court of Administrative Justice ordered the payment, a decision that is now final.

About the warning…

An hour after the conclusion of the session of the General Council of the INE, in which it was a matter of debate to assert that it demonstrated that it had in fact withdrawn the criminal complaint against the six councillors, Sergio Gutierrez Luna, The chairman of the Chamber of Deputies’ board of directors, he believed he was back after suffering from Covid-19, and “hold on because I arrive with a recharged battery,” he warned.

Mexican consulate vaccinates minors and adults

In the heart of Miami’s financial district, you can see an influx of polite and middle-class people of various nationalities, with their young children, visiting the Mexican consulate building. And no, this is not for requesting a visa or doing paperwork, but for getting vaccinated against COVID. By reaching an agreement with the University of Miami, chaired by the former health secretary, Julio FrancoAt the Mexican consulate – the only one to offer this service – booster vaccines are given to those who need them, starting at age five. And a truckload of nurses also goes to rural Florida communities, where there are countrymen. good example.

and the victims?

The National Palace has expressed respect for judicial authorities in the states, particularly in Veracruz, where the CNDH determined that there had been a human rights violation of six youth accused of abuse of authority, who were released four months later. . Judge Federal. Everything indicates that there is a belief that the authorities of the institution will eventually give proper resolution to the cases pointed out as abuse of authority and that justice will be done to the victims. We’ll see if things really differ in Q4.

Amelf, to discuss the issue of scarcity

Tomorrow in the voice of the deputy Patricia ArmendarizoThe legislative power proposes the constitution of a commission to find solutions to the shortage of medicines. Amelf takes her on her word and hopes to call all the actors responsible for the problem. Amelaf reiterates that the national pharmaceutical industry is part of the solution and recognizes legislative power for its interest in entering the issue. For the sake of many patients, there is hope that progress will be made.