The first buses with Tamaulipas leave for the US

Governor of Tamulipas, Francisco García Cabeza de Veca, Participated in the start of the first phase of the cross-border transfer and vaccination program, which includes the application of 200 thousand doses of Pfizer against Kovid-19 For teachers, seniors and children over 12 years old of the whole unit.

“We’re doing it through in a very systematic way Wellness and Peace Center, the second one is in Matamoros and the third one is in Reynosa and we will probably shell out some extras because there are a lot of people who are taking good Go get vaccinated. The intention is to look after the health of tamulipas families, it doesn’t need to be from border, just to be tamulipas, they can come for registration and if they live within our state and be able to get this vaccineWe hope that these are the first 200 thousand of some extras that we can get,” said the governor of Tamaulipas.

On a work visit to the Tamaulipas border, the President presides over the departure of 32 buses Which will be taken from Rio Bravo, Reynosa and Matamoros Donna Bridge, 3 thousand beneficiaries are duly registered daily in the state of Texas so that they can get immunosuppression.

Governor Francisco García Cabeza de Veca He stressed that this vaccination benefit is not only for those who live on the border but is free and free of charge for all Tamulipas. Visa requirement.

It also recognized the importance of coordinating, communicating and maintaining bilateral cooperation with US officials and judges to manage benefits for on both sides of the border.

“For me these efforts are fantastic, because we are concerned about the cases that have happened around the world, I am very grateful for all this, he has a high school and I wish he had his vaccine; very -Many thanks Governor Francisco García Cabeza de Veca For all this that is bringing us here, we are all benefiting, thank you very much indeed”, he added. Zenaida Veliz Vazquez, the beneficiary’s mother, Renata Carrillo Velizzo,

President said he is working on managing the overdose for vaccination children under 12 years old and thanked Hidalgo County Judge Richard Cortes, City Donna’s Major Rick Morales, Carlos Llerena City Manager of the City of Donna, Pablo García and Walter Wilbur of the International Chamber of Commerce, Directors of the Port of Dona and Progresso for their nature and political will to work together

“I agree that it is very important and quite relevant, all residents and especially in terms of teachers contribute greatly to the improvement of our health. I thank you for adapting something residents of tamulipasoIt’s good that you support him and he is doing it very well, congratulations to my entire team working greatA great management, a great support for all”, noted the beneficiary teacher, Alba Mireya Cárdenas López.

Government sets up registration modules in municipalities Reynosa, Rio Bravo and Matamoroso and will be operational from January 10 to 14, for any information the population of the entire state can be informed on numbers 8341078361, 834 1078117, 8341078365 and 834 107 8372 or visit the registry offices in Reynosa, at the Wellbeing and Peace Center located at 20 de Novimbre Street, along the United Nations Bypass in the Aquiles Cerdan neighborhood; in Matamoros, at the Center for Peace and Wellness on Puerto Arista Street in Frescianamiento Palmares de las Brisas; and at the Center for Wellness and Peace on the Calle Asteroids in the neighborhood, in Rio Bravo agapito cepeda,