The last chance to visit the Ice Rink and Big Wheel in Birmingham – when Christmas 2021 officially ends

City star Roy Wood sang ‘I Wish It Can Be Christmas Every Day’ nearly half a century ago – and it still is for one of Birmingham’s biggest celebration shows.

Ice Skate The three attractions in Birmingham’s Centenary Square have once again outdone all other Christmas parties.

City Social closed on Saturday, 18 December and the annual Birmingham German Market left the city after 23 December, but the Centenary Square site remained open through Christmas and is still going strong through the first weekend of 2022.

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The ice rink, 40-meter Big Wheel and 55-meter City Flyer all look their best at twilight as you can see in the video above.

Abby Dentor and wife Emily mastermind the site through their family company Dentor Attraction — and they say they can’t thank enough people for their support.

Twilight view from outside Symphony Hall, looking out over Birmingham’s 40-meter Big Wheel and the 55-meter City Flyer at Centenary Square.

“We’ve always loved being in the heart of Birmingham which I think is the city of the future,” Abi said.

“We’ve had a great welcome from everyone and it’s all been good – we’re sorry the trams aren’t running, but we’re really happy with the turnout and the support we’ve got from the people.

“We’re thrilled to be to bits. The people are always great here and we look forward to seeing everyone again later this year!”

What will happen next?

Construction work on the site first began in October, with everything set to open for the German market at the earliest – Thursday, 4 November.

Moving everything down to storage will trigger the event after it was last closed.

“The plan is for us to clear the site within two weeks and the work will begin on Sunday, January 9 at 10 pm,” Abiy said.

Ice skate during twilight festive attraction at Birmingham's Centenary Square
Ice skate during twilight festive attraction at Birmingham’s Centenary Square

The first part to go will be the City Flyer Ride, which is expected to be dismantled and removed by the end of Monday.

After this, the work of taking down the wheel will start, which is expected to be gone by Thursday.

At the same time, the ice in the skating rink would be left to melt – a process that would now take longer to deal with the unusually hot weather on New Year’s Eve.

The ice is expected to melt within four to five days when work to take down the marquee around the rink can begin.

All of the above will depend on the weather and, in particular, how much wind is blowing.

Once the site is cleared, Centenary Square’s shallow pool will again be the venue with dancing fountains to paint rich colours, reflections of local buildings during the remaining days of low-level winter sunshine.

Twilight illuminates Ice Skate Birmingham's presence at Centenary Square with its 40-meter Big Wheel and 55-meter City Flyer ride
Twilight illuminates Ice Skate Birmingham’s presence at Centenary Square with its 40-meter Big Wheel and 55-meter City Flyer ride

Christmas in Cathedral Square

In the midst of an ice skate Birmingham run at Centenary Square, the Denter attraction also built its first Christmas market on the grounds of St. Philip’s Cathedral, which opens on Wednesday, November 17 and closes on Sunday, December 19.

That market was cleared before Christmas and the company had left the grounds in good order as they had promised after a similar incident four years earlier that left some areas with a muddy appearance.

Eyebrows were raised that a Helter Skelter and a pub called The Pigeon in the Park was being built next to the cathedral.

But the opportunity to try new ways of getting people to the area to help preserve and restore its world-famous Burne-Jones stained glass windows in the midst of a major fundraising campaign called Divine Beauty with St. was justified by the parties.

View towards Helter Skelter Bar from Pigeon's Terrace in the Park Pub - Across the Loose's Roof at the Inaugural Christmas in Cathedral Square Event
View towards Helter Skelter Bar from Pigeon’s Terrace in the Park Pub – Across the Loose’s Roof at the Inaugural Christmas in Cathedral Square Event

The Very Revealed Matt Thompson, Dean of Birmingham, told BirminghamLive: “We were very pleased with Christmas at Cathedral Square Market and feel it was well received.

“It was great to work in partnership with Dentor Attractions, Colmore Bid and City Council.

“Our hope for the market was that it would give us a new and different opportunity to reach out to the people of Birmingham and the downtown area, and to provide local craftspeople and small businesses an opportunity after a difficult year for everyone.

“People enjoyed the market and the stallholders were happy with the level of business they attracted.

“We saw an increase in the number of people visiting the cathedral as a part of our visit to the market.

Denters was very professional the whole time and left the field in very good shape. We’re looking forward to reviewing the market with our partners in early January and then we’ll make a decision about Christmas 2022 – and we hope to have good news about our diving beauty appeal in the spring.

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