The man who stabbed to death ‘dotting dad’ on Father’s Day acted in self-defense – Interrogation

A man who ‘acted in self-defense’ stabbed a ‘beloved father’ on Father’s Day during a confrontation, an interrogation is heard.

Reece Adamson was stabbed in the neck and chest as he tried to open the door of a house at Cardington Avenue, Great Bar, on June 21, 2020.

Shaun, 30, had attended Bent’s estate after learning he had stabbed a relative months earlier, the interrogation was told.

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Mr Bent, 24, was on the other side armed with a knife, unaware that Rees had ‘pushed’ himself through the property’s door.

The Birmingham Coroner’s Court was told today (13 January) that he immediately stumbled backwards after being knelt on his neck at the door.

The police attended after concerned calls from family members and residents who witnessed the commotion.

Reece Adamson

First aid was administered by neighbors and armed police before the arrival of paramedics. No pulse was found and despite the best efforts of many, he was declared dead at the scene shortly before 9.45 pm.

Area coroner James Bennett recorded his cause of death as the results of a stabbing in the chest as the investigation concluded.

He said: “A confrontation was going on at Cardington Avenue and a man was standing inside the property with a knife.

“He arrived and when he attempted to push open the front door, a knife went into his neck. He quickly became unresponsive. CPR was unsuccessful and he was pronounced dead on the spot.”

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Blue Tent on Cardington Avenue

Bent, who lives east of Cardington Avenue, was arrested from the scene and found two knives, one of which was stained with blood.

He was later charged with Reece’s murder but a West Midlands Police investigation found he had ‘acted in self-defense’, as was heard in the investigation.

Senior lawyers decided that no criminal offense had been committed and the matter was dropped.

However, after admitting to stabbing another man at an incident outside a takeaway in March 2020, Bent was sentenced to 18 months of community order.

Sean Bent stabs man during street confrontation over debt
sean bento

Reading the police force’s conclusion, Mr Bennett said: “Reece Adamson died of a stab wound to the chest.

“The person who affected the wound has been investigated for his actions and senior lawyers have found that he acted in self-defense and no criminal offense has been committed in the death of Reece Adamson.

“Police inquiry has been registered.”

His family reflected the joy he brought to his life in his “infectious character” and the emotional tribute read in the investigation.

His devastated mother said: “There are not as many words for you as there are for me. Your character and personality were infectious.

“The joy you have brought to my life gives me precious memories that I will cherish forever.”

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Police remain at the scene of a stabbing at Cardington Avenue in Great Barrow

His companion and the mother of his young daughter said that she was his “soul mate”.

“I thank my lucky stars to have my daughter half with me forever,” his statement read.

“We lost Reece in the most horrifying way. Our daughter is now an orphan and I have lost my soul mate.

“I’m counting down the day we can reunite and make our family whole again.”

Reece’s father said he will always remember his son for his “love, care and commitment to his family”.

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