“The mandate is repealed,” Cordova says; IEEE supports the application of 1,738 million pesos to the treasury

National Election Institute (offline, Supported the request for an additional 1,738.94 million pesos to the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit (SHCP). for the organization of revocation of mandate Under the norms established in the constitution.

lorenzo cordova, Chairman Consultant, said that with the new budget adjustments made by the electoral body and progress in verification of signatures (which Add two lakh 140 thousand 763 You represent 77.6 percent of the required 2.7 million), From now on You can confirm the completion of this exercise,

“Repealing the mandate, hope and other organs of the state cooperate and contribute so that this exercise can go on”

lorenzo cordova
ine. President of

During the session of the General Council of the INE, the agreement establishing adjustments to consultations was approved, Release of additional resources for financial activities and reduce anticipated costs.

“Today two things are being proposed fundamentally: on the one hand, Release an additional 64.46 million pesos from the INE budget, setting yourself a new savings goal. With this, the pool of resources currently available to meet the impending repeal of the mandate will increase to one thousand 567.48 million pesos,

“On the other hand, Efforts are proposed to reduce the cost of the exercise Of the three thousand 830 million pesos originally paid Three thousand 306.73 million pesos. Feather, that is, a decrease of 523.67 million pesos”, Cordova explained.

He explained that with these actions, the budget deficit would be reduced to a rounded amount to meet the repeal of the mandate in terms established by law. Today 1,738 million pesos are missing, which will be requested from SHCP, of which they expect a response after January 31.

“The recent determinations of judicial power mark the path this institution is following, but, moreover, They legally protect the INE in the event of a revocation of the mandate without the characteristics required by law due to a lack of adequate resources.”, signaled the Presidential Counselor.

Morena’s representative during the discussion on the accepted agreement, mario lergo, reported that just as INE managed to add two million pesos to the repeal, yet They can go the extra mile, stick to Republican austerity, and cut more In areas such as insurance for major medical expenses or funds for real estate infrastructure.

Faced with this need, the legislative representative of PAN, Humberto Aguilar CoronadoThe ruling party, ironically, is a reference to the popular expression: “As they say in my town: You don’t like any flowers, Maria.”

Llergo INE . inquired from the chairman’s advisor If you are ready to add money for the repeal of the mandate to omit the ostentatious expenses and take the resources of major medical insurance.

In this regard, Cordova pointed out that In INE they will not go against the decisions of the Supreme Court of the country (SCJN) or TEPJF, no violation of the rights of workers at all:

“No, deputy, do not pretend that INE violates the law and violates sentences, if you do this, it is your responsibility, here you will not affect labor rights,” he emphasized.

He noted that, along with the discussion in INE’s “Horseshoe of Democracy”, It is clear who wants the mandate well repealed, as required by law, and which does not contribute to generating the necessary conditions.

In this regard the representative of PRD, arturo prida, emphasized that Morena must stop believing that revoking the mandate is the will of the people, when the only people promoting it are people like Gabriela Jiménez, from the organization Que Siga la Democracia, who is close to Mario Delgado, the national leader of Morena.

He insisted that this party is deceiving the people not only by telling that it is a ratification, but that the process is a “The real wasteful expenditure that the country should save”,

In this sense, he remarked that The opposition does not want President Andres Manuel López Obrador to step down, but to get to work, but not only for the 30 million people who believed who voted for him, but for all Mexicans.