The president and his government are sick – Tech Viral Tips

With the new infection of AMLO by Covid and the appointment of public officials who had not even completed high school, such as Javier May, the new head of Fonatur and responsible for the construction of the Mayan train, it became clear that the government’s It lacks minimum standards. the professionalism and academic readiness that public servants of the highest standard should possess; and security protocols to protect the health of the President of the Republic, regardless of the person holding this honorable position.

He disappeared from public view after the chief guest of the National Palace boasted about his oxygen level and body temperature, which led the Omicron version to call him a “covidsito”, presumably because the effects of the virus left him behind. was kept on the bed. ,

In parallel, the Secretary of the Interior, Aidan Augusto Lopez, referred to his boss’s state of health as optimal, a stubborn delusion that even without covid voiced concerns about his illness, heart disease and high blood pressure that the federal If the head of the executive suffers, permanent medical attention is required.

So if someone insists that López Obrador’s health is optimal, it means the exact opposite.

The President’s illness occurs in the context that he has underestimated COVID with wrong decisions including not buying enough large-scale screening tests and, of course, a lack of high quality vaccines that exist in the international market such as That Modern and Pfizer.

Faced with an impressive micron infection in Mexico and, eventually, we will all get sick of the type directly responsible for combating the pandemic, Jorge Alcosar and Hugo López Gatel, in a contest of clumsiness and flattery are attached, to flatter the president, to the level that his little professional reputation is at rock bottom, a fact that only causes glee and anger among his peers, although it has led to the deaths of more than 600,000 Mexicans. There is a lesser evil in front than Covid.

While one recommends Vick VapoRub to combat the virus, the other claims the “moral power” that the President has for not suffering from Covid.

Unfortunately, the President’s illness, for which we certainly wish a speedy recovery, is either due to a lack of leadership, which causes gridlock and dissent in the first circle of allies, or a lack of technical and operational capabilities. Because of this, their entire government is transmitted. Or even to deal with acts of corruption and criminals.

In the absence of a governing plan for the government that allows to improve the standard of living for all Mexicans, AMLO officials are without a compass and participate in an electoral strategy to retain power over the next six-year term. Except for the ones, others get lost and walk like puppies without an owner.

AMLO is sick, as is their government, and if all economic indicators, public insecurity, drug shortages, inflation and gasoline prices are at catastrophic levels, then not much knowledge is needed to predict the future.

As we anticipated, this year will be worse than the previous year and 2023 will follow that trend as well.

There is no way for the ship to straighten its course, except that, for example, the flight of capital and the departure of large corporate firms from the country, such as Banamex, present an unprecedented scale and, in parallel, the story of the President. It is built like a house of cards that collapses at the slightest blizzard.

It would be nave to think that there might be a change of direction from López Obrador to correct course, especially as Congress is cooking to approve an electricity counter-reform that would disrupt the energy sector and undermine that little confidence. which still remains at the international level. investor.

In fact, if this reform is supported in Congress, it will take longer to repeal it because of the furious demands coming from the White House in Washington.

In any case, I hope that in these days of the President’s recuperation, AMLO succeeds in making a complete exit from his illness and also exerts himself to restore the health of the republic.