The Radicals – The Financier

Mexican journalist specializing in international affairs

Last Monday morning, while President López Obrador manifested obvious symptoms, again and without knowing it, at the same time he faced the situation of Ricardo Monreal, due to the Covid-19, Morena’s fanatics about Mexico would suffer.

Two debates were immediately opened, first about the irresponsibility and health of the president, and second, about the role that Ricardo Monreal is playing in the 2024 presidential succession, laying on the table one fact: that Murray among fundamentalists Divided and medium. Even many voices go ahead and radicalize them as “Taliban”.

This debate is not new. Since the PRD was founded in 1989, it has brought together various leftist currents that sought to implement various ideological initiatives, including more ways to strengthen the institutions of the Mexican state and strengthen democracy. Construction has been encouraged. That he defended armed movements because, according to him, without arms the changes Mexico needed could not be achieved.

Long ago, those same currents, with the “Communist (Party) Manifesto” and “Capital” in hand, staged heated debate in political science faculties. Marx’s phrases were adopted to give meaning to his arguments. Communism and capitalism were issues that kept many of the young people who are 4T’s real estate today.

They feel that they are the “movement” and that without their voices and actions the Fourth Transformation would not exist. But we have already seen more than once how brutal history recycles political movements. A clear example is the cartoon image that the PRD represents today.

That PRD of 1989 and Morena in 2011 were two personalities who, in addition to leadership, have been great generators of votes and power structures in Mexico: Cuautémoc Cárdenas and Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

However, it was in 2006 and 2012 with López Obrador, still under the acronym PRD, with whom it occurred that dozens of candidates won the bulk of the elections due to the influential drag of the leader, despite the fact that he was repeatedly Got Defeated. They were accommodated in seats or mayors and felt elected and worthy supporters of the struggle. Of course, he didn’t miss his juicy fortnight when he continued (and continues to) talk about communism.

Existing fundamentalists enjoy the wealth that the treasury gives them and the ideology that the conflicting past has left them. Now they even form companies that defy Marx’s ethics, although they still hang their posters in their offices. López Obrador won the presidency in 2018 thus consolidating real power structures. Many of these fundamentalists believe that without their immaculate social struggle, change would not have happened, but nothing could be further from the reality they would hardly have crossed without the AMLO-like figure.

Being “radical” has many meanings. One can be “relative to the roots”, but also who is “in favor of extreme reforms”, or, when one is “blunt or obstinate”. Furthermore, fundamentalism can be expanded and transformed and can be dangerous if thorns grow out of that root.

The question is, what kind of change does Mexico need for this century? All ideological currents seek to transcend or replace, however, there are those rooted in a chronological past, dangerously extreme or divergent ideas.

While it is true that many of the foundations of capitalism have failed miserably, such as the promise to reduce social inequality, it is also true that a new condition is needed that generates “growth” from the vast problems with which We navigate this 21st century, without longing for the past and self-criticism of the present.

That same Monday afternoon, the same president confirmed his infection, even though he had assumed it was a common flu. Due to the error, he faced criticism for not following basic protocols, self-isolating before he showed any symptoms, not wearing a face mask in the morning and passing a significant amount of time before taking the exam. Social networks were on fire and fundamentalism was once again present. Those who harm the country in any ideological situation today.