the rich steal

They go unnoticed in the midst of everyday life, they claim to be entrepreneurial and have always been seen in luxury or high-end cars as they are now called; They bring designer clothes and jewelry. The reality is that these are the new wealthy who extort money from people and extort money.

An example of these new wealthy is Fernando Antonio “El”, nicknamed. Flat, 28, a member of La Union, and his girlfriend, Ivonne “M,” were arrested with hundreds of doses of marijuana and cocaine, which they distributed to bars in Mexico City’s Roma, Condesa and Copa neighborhoods.

At the time of their arrest, on January 9, both were seized with hundreds of doses of cocaine and marijuana, for which they were transferred to the public ministry in the attorney general’s office.

In social networks, El Chatto showed his weapons, a plaque purportedly from a police corporation and said that his father was a federal policeman and that Los Beltrán Leva protected him.

A few days ago, other alleged wealthy persons were arrested. It is about Jose Haref “N”, in possession of a truck with a report of theft, the unit was acquired with a false check for the amount of one million 30 thousand pesos. He is accused of fraud. He does this through fake checks to get a luxury car; In addition, he is being investigated for alleged drug related operations in the Morelos neighborhood.

Haref’s family is known as Los Sotos, it is made up of the marriages of Cristina Jiménez and Guillermo Soto Ortega, as well as their children, Brenda Guadalupe, José Haref and Guillermo Soto, all of whom work with other partners. .

All of them are involved in luxury car fraud. The network was identified by the authorities as being involved in the theft of luxury cars, posing as money to people to defraud their victims.

Members of this family boast on social networks the luxury cars they acquire by defrauding their victims, with whom they negotiate to purchase cars and pay with high amounts of checks, but which end up being I become false.

They mainly operate in the states of Nuevo León, Puebla, Guanajuato, Jalisco, Hidalgo, Mexico State and Mexico City. Even while transacting, they meet victims somewhere, pretending to be accompanied by bodyguards to pretend they are people with lots of money and have security.

Police is tracking them since 2019. The then Mexico City Attorney General’s office thanked him for the fact that one of the members, Guillermo Soto Jiménez, posed next to a car after his robbery.

appear what they are not

This is the way many of these people are traced by the authorities because of their addiction to show off their luxuries on social networks.

Jose Haref “Ann” was arrested along with his girlfriend Gabriella “Ann”; He was charged with offenses of extortion, robbery and possession of narcotics. In addition, she is engaged to La Union Tepito because in the past she confessed to being the girlfriend of Oscar Andres Flores, aka El Lunar, the leader of this criminal group, sentenced to 27 years in prison for murdering a woman. The sentence was handed down.

Gabriella uploaded photos to her social network, where she had more than 76,000 followers … She posed with designer clothes and luxury cars. She also talked about changing her identity in an interview to avoid relating to her actions in the past.

There are also people who pretend to be wealthy and try to rent property to enter the house, and don’t pay rent until they are sued.

If you are looking to rent a property, be careful and don’t be fooled by appearances. Dozens of people request appointments with a serious real estate company to search for properties.

They come dressed elegantly to be considered wealthy and in expensive cars. There are many speeches they hire. But what they are about to say is already very structured.

Some people say that the house they have is already big because their kids have gone to university or to live alone, and they need a smaller house.

They present all requested papers and, if the contract is signed, they pay rent for two months and after the third month they stop paying.

And so they wait to be prosecuted. If you are going to rent a property, make sure that whoever is going to be your landlord does not have previous tenant lawsuits.

And thus these “rich”, who pose as wealthy people, can sell with drugs, rob you if you want to sell your car, or take your house without paying rent.

Appearances can deceive, don’t be fooled.