‘The season for returning unwanted gifts is over: Everything you need to know about the process’

Celebrity memoirs you’ve never read, tartan pajamas and cartoon socks made of silver ruffled yarn that are an insult to your good taste—they’re all clearly taking up space right now.

ow that ,tis Now is not the season for fun, you might be wondering about more hire matters like how to convert unwanted Christmas gifts into more desirable ones.

Here are a few things you should be aware of when you start the return process.

point one

As we all know, you can’t just walk into a retailer with the item and ask for your money back – or rather, money spent by your friend or relative. And the process can be a little more frightening when the item is purchased online.

However, if your giver has been adequately organized to provide a gift receipt and the item was purchased in a physical store, you can take it and the item back – provided that the item is still in box fresh condition. , And request an exchange or gift card.

But keep in mind that you may have a limited amount of time to do so (see below).

Without a gift receipt, you’re pretty much stuck with the item. Consider giving it to a charity shop or moving it next year , Not just for the person who gave it to you in the first place!

point two

Keep in mind that your right to a gift card or exchange is not absolute, and in contract law, the relevant transaction is one that took place between the buyer and the retailer, not the transaction that took place when it was given to you. object by a friend or relative.

The Consumer Council of Northern Ireland explains that, under the Consumer Rights Act 2015, a retailer may refuse to offer a refund, replacement, credit note or gift card if there is nothing wrong with the item, or if the consumer changes his mind. Is.

You may feel that you deserve to be able to exchange the item, but offering a replacement, credit note or gift card is a gesture of goodwill by the retailer and at their discretion.

point three

But what about my statutory rights? And what does that phrase mean?

Even though you are not automatically entitled to an exchange or gift receipt when there is nothing wrong with the item, your ‘statutory rights’ mean that if an item is defective and is returned within 30 days of purchase If so, you can get a full refund. However, the original donor will need to be the person to return the item.

After 30 days, the retailer is entitled to a chance to repair or replace the defective item before the consumer asks for a partial or full refund.

That rule protects you for up to six years, depending on the type of item and the price paid.

point four

I know my friend who gave me the gift is tight enough for cash and has bought me an extraordinary gift on impulse. Can I give it back to my friend so that they get their money back automatically?

It is very selfless to want to give a gift back because the donor could not have purchased it in the first place.

But holding on to the gift, or even donating it to charity, may be the best thing to do because you may find that even the giver himself may not get a refund. Some larger stores, such as House of Fraser, no longer offer refunds to customers and you can only get a gift card or exchange.

However, if an item is defective, House of Fraser will provide a refund, although proof of purchase is required.

The best advice from the Consumer Council is to inquire about the store’s refund policy before making a purchase, especially if it’s a gift.

number five

Today is January 8th. Do I still have time to return the pajamas and get a gift receipt instead?

Some high street retailers will often extend their return and refund policy over the Christmas period but this is at the retailer’s discretion.

For example, Marks & Spencer says that its Christmas return policy means items can be returned by January 9 if they were purchased between October 4 and December 4. But if purchased after December 4th, its normal return policy of 35 days applies. That means the more last-minute Christmas shopping your donor was at M&S, the longer you’ll have to return the item. If it was purchased on Christmas Eve, you would in theory have until January 28 to return it.

number six

My brother gave me a disgusting but expensive gift which he bought online. Can I change it for something else without telling him?

The Beauty of Getting Gifts That Were Bought at the Bricks and Mortar Store , where you have been provided with a gift receipt , is that you can return them without the donor’s knowledge.

If you want to get a gift card as an alternative to an online gift, you may need a little more chutzpah, unless you’re dealing with a very large retailer, such as Next.

Many retailers, such as Next, will allow consumers to return items to the store after they have been purchased online. But this is at the discretion of the retailer.

If the giver has opened a package shipped by an online retailer, before you can wrap your gift separately and give it to you, you must let the giver know that you wish to return the gift.

For most online retailers, returns are required to be processed in the retailer’s packaging and provided for returns using pre-printed labels or by downloading a label from the company’s website.

But it’s a bit more straightforward if the item was marked as a gift by an online retailer and sent directly to you.

Amazon, the largest online retailer of them all, has a special returns center for processing returns, with its own section for confidential gift returns.

This allows you to return items marked as a gift at the time of purchase. The type of refund or credit you receive depends on how the gift was purchased and how it was returned.

But gift recipients will not be eligible for exchange or instant refund. Amazon says that most items purchased between November 1 and December 31 for the 2021 holiday season can be returned by January 31.

It is best if you have the Amazon order number assigned to your donor. But you can either ask the gift giver for an order number or contact Amazon customer service.

Amazon also says that the giver’s email address, package tracking ID or giver’s phone number will also help in tracking the order.

You will need to set up an Amazon account to process returns online and receive return labels.

Once the returned item is received, the amount paid for the gift will be returned to you in the form of an Amazon gift certificate.

point seven

Will I be charged for returning the item?

Amazon says that if the return is not the result of an error by Amazon, or if you are returning items other than shoes, clothing, jewellery, or watches that were sold or shipped by Amazon, it will deduct the return cost. Will refund your gift certificate.

If you are returning a gift purchased in Next’s online store, you will be charged £2 for the return if it is processed via courier Hermes or Royal Mail. but you can avoid chArge by returning it to a next store.