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plenary session of the magistrates of the judicial power of CDMX today on the occasion of the protest Rafael Guerra As the President of the collegiate body for the second consecutive term. And today, employees of the Superior Court of Justice, which is dependent on the local judiciary, called for a protest beginning at 8:00 a.m. in all of the institute’s buildings. They demand payment on year-end bonds that have not been paid. The slogan would be “That the President (Guerra) fulfill his obligations to the workers.”

The notion of “Khatrapa”

The Mexican government announced that it would send a representative to invest in Daniel Ortega In Nicaragua, which did not protect his criticism, he is the director of America’s of Human Rights Watch. Jose Miguel Vivanco He listed “some governments that would join the throne of the satrap” such as North Korea, Iran, Cuba, Venezuela and Mexico. In view of this, he questioned: “How is it possible for President López Obrador, Mexico to support this spectacle built on the basis of brutal repression?” The Ministry of Foreign Affairs informed that the General Director of Latin America would go without delegation … and at night, which was not always the case, that no officials would join the protests in Nicaragua.

Another failed campaign?

With the bottargas of a virus that creates “buu” and junk food, and the fourth change, the fourth change will promote healthy eating in 2022. Spot, which has the phrase “pure vitamins” at auction, was introduced this weekend Jesus Ramirez, spokesman for the Presidency, on his social networks. Well, this isn’t the first time that his outreach campaigns are shaping up to fail, for example Together for Peace, to combat drug use, and which – in the words of President López Obrador – “don’t understand comes”

school acupuncture

“… from the creators we were like a minute, no less, like five minutes.” And “I once felt a tremor that no one else felt,” now comes the “acupuncture” of judgments. it turns out that cow dung from Nuevo Leon, Samuel Garcia, said schools should be open and ready, “In this new hybrid, mixed and voluntary model, it is the parents and principals who decide, with acupuncture, where we are going to educate the children.” Nor how to help him.

covid test, not mandatory

Mexico City’s Ministry of Economic Development, along with the Ministry of Health and the capital’s government’s Digital Agency for Public Innovation, agreed not to request Covid tests from employees in the main chambers and with business associations, employers’ organizations and IMSS. The purpose of avoiding long lines in pharmacies and modules. Therefore, the participating agencies will refrain from requesting tests from all their personnel and recommend isolation against any symptoms of runny nose, cough, sore throat, head and mutilated body. for the government Claudia Sheinbaum, Omicron becomes more permeable, but with mild and moderate images for vaccinated people. Will happen?

Vigiano, Complex Challenge

Hidalgo is one of the few states that has never experienced electrification, according to estimates from consultants like Integralia, and history could change this year. Nevertheless, the PRI leadership feels confident with the party’s CEN general secretary as a candidate. “I want to be the change Hidalgo wants,” he said. Carolina Vigiano, who warned that Mexico City’s “it is enough to treat us like backyards”. We will see how fate also has the wife of the tricolor leader Rubén Moreira in San Lazaro.