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Concern is once again increasing among the citizens about the corona virus. Mexico City, alerted by the advance of Infection, mainly of type omicron, according to a vote EL FINANCIERO, carried out among 500 adult residents Capital 58 percent of the country’s people said they were very worried about the coronavirus, 7 points higher than in December and 17 points higher than the level recorded in November, when 41 percent of people interviewed said they were very worried.

While the highest number of 58 percent is not Worry During the pandemic, it clearly shows that the majority of the population of the capital is more alert to the progress of the country Infection announced recently.

according to him the inspection, 77 percent of those interviewed believed that Town already . has entered the fourth wave of InfectionWhile 19 percent believe that it is not so.


to increase Worry At the same time there is also a certain hardening of the attitude towards re-imprisonment measures.

The survey shows that 50 percent of those interviewed believe that restrictions and isolation measures should be maintained, while 47 percent believe that activities should be followed as normal and business are opened. From October till today, an attitude of mediocrity and openness prevailed.


When asking about specific cases, the majority attitude is in favor of isolation measures. For example, the reopening of cinemas and cinemas generated 41 percent consent and 57 percent disagreement. As recently as November, the percentage was reversed, with 54 percent agreeing and 44 percent disagreeing.


Resumption of group programs was recorded with 22 percent agreeing and 77 percent disagreeing. This final response rose 16 points in two months, up from 61 percent in November last.

The return to face-to-face classes, which already had a majority in November, now generates a split of opinion: 48 percent said they agree with a return to face-to-face classes, and 50 percent disagree.


the inspection It found that people from the capital who maintained social distancing measures increased from 59 to 69 per cent in the past two months, while those who said they were living together and working normally with other people are doing, fell from 40 to 29 percent.


Surveys indicate that 60 percent Capital Wear masks at all times in public places, with 27 percent using them most of the time and 8 percent not using them or using them very little.


Methodology: Survey in Mexico City Held by telephone to 500 adults on January 7-8, 2022. A prospective sample of residential and cell phones was taken in 16 municipalities. With a 95% confidence level, the margin of error for the estimates is +/- 4.4 percent.

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