The shocking condition of the railing on Swansea’s Mumbles Road

Images on social media showing the dire condition of railings on Mumbles Road have urged people to restore and maintain the fence.

The cast iron fence along the road, which is used by thousands of drivers every day to commute to and from communities in the city center and west of the city, appears to have been left to “rot”.

The fencing is at the edge of King George V’s playgrounds and continues down Mumbles Road towards Singleton Park, one of the city’s favorite family parks, which is regularly used for football and rugby. It is the home of the plains.

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Jeremy Douglas Jones shared a photo of the railing on a Facebook page, questioning its poor condition and asking whether others felt the same work needed to be maintained and painted. Is.

Within the Post, people unanimously agreed that work was needed to repair the railing, with many arguing that it was “too late” for restoration work and instead needed to be replaced entirely.

Mr Jones argued that “as a tourist destination Swansea should take care to present itself more favorably than the rusty railings suggest”.

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Others argued that it was “beyond repair” and highlighted that Mumbles Road “deserved more respectable fencing”, indicating that the area was visited extensively by tourists.

Most of the guardrails in this area are heavily rusted, while some parts are also badly damaged, with some parts either bent or missing altogether.

One cyclist who regularly uses the route argued that his route to work was “terrible”, with fences “half-falling” and the cycle path growing green, prompting people to take the route on foot. was forced to

0 RHR WO 040122SingletonFence
Fencing along the entrance to Singleton Park’s Boating Lake

0 RHR WO 040122MumblesRoadFence
most of it seems to be falling apart

“I don’t know how we can put our faith in the new cycle scheme when the council doesn’t bother to maintain the plan we already have,” he said.

Other comments included questions about council spending, recent free fireworks displays and Christmas parades fresh in everyone’s memory, and suggestions that the money could have been spent elsewhere.

However, Swansea Council is only responsible for the fence running along Boating Lake to the east of Skitty Lane, while Swansea University is overseen, along with the playgrounds to the west of the lane. The condition of both the classes is pathetic.

0 RHR WO 040122SingletonFenceFields
Some people think that the repair of the fence should be given more priority

0 RHR WO 040122MumblesRoadFenceDamage1
Some fencing is damaged and bent

A Swansea University spokesman said: “The railing dividing the University rugby pitches and Mumbles Road immediately west of Skeety Lane is the responsibility of the University.

“We intend to maintain or replace these railings in the near future with the development of Swansea Bay Sports Park which, over the next 12 months, will include a new multi-use sports arena, increased floodlighting on rugby pitches and 3G pitches. For.

“A future phase is to provide a covered seating and replacement facility running parallel to the ski lane which may include the removal of some railings.”

Swansea Council has been contacted for comment.

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