The shop offers a credit note for the value of a €47 slab of beer to buyers who purchase €30 plastic glasses in protest of minimum price laws

A supermarket owner has reacted to a huge jump in the price of beer after the introduction of minimum alcohol pricing with a clever promotion for customers.

The Ames Gala in Dunmanway, Co. Cork is offering customers a credit note for the value of a €47 slab of beer when they purchase €30 plastic glasses.

However, buyers are not obligated to purchase the slab of cans with the €47.34 credit note – they can also redeem it against the price of other products sold in the shop – such as a vacuum cleaner or mop.

Sam’s Gala is offering customers 24 plastic glasses for €30 and in return they will receive a credit note worth €47.34 which can then be redeemed according to strict terms and conditions that can be seen in the store. could.


Plastic glasses on sale at Sam’s Gala in Dunmanay, Co Cork for €30 – customers can then claim a credit note for €43.34

In just two hours on Tuesday night, the shop’s post on Facebook was viewed by 168,000 people, and store owner Colm O’Sullivan received public feedback on the newly introduced minimum alcohol pricing, which has pushed up beer and cider prices. is extended.

Colm said on Tuesday evening, “I have already been called a hero, I have been asked to contest and have been compared to my Irish hero of all time – Michael Collins – and only two hours post this offer Has happened.”


Colm O’Sullivan, owner of Sam’s Gala in Dunmanay, Co Cork

“I haven’t sold a single slab of beer all week since the minimum alcohol price was imposed and in two hours, I have sold nine slabs and even a mop,” he laughed.

“I think this is one way to get rid of all these post-Christmas plastic glasses we have in stock.

“Over the past few months, people were told that the price of whiskey and other spirits would go up a lot and you wouldn’t be able to buy a bottle of wine for less than €7, but the huge increase in beer cans wasn’t really on my mind. Wandered.

“Before the new year, I sat down and studied law and did math. And did the math again because I couldn’t believe the astronomical change in the price of a crate of beer from €26 to €47.

“As far as I’m concerned, I re-read the law and I’m not breaking any laws by offering a credit note with every sale of 24 plastic glasses. I have strict and lengthy terms and conditions in the store that have to be followed have to do when the offer is redeemed

“The law states that vouchers cannot be used to buy alcohol, but there is no mention of credit notes and I am in no way associating this promotion with alcohol only because other products are also on offer. .


€ 47.34 . A mop and bucket on sale at the Sam’s Gala for

“This increase in wine prices goes directly to the retailer and I’m not proud of it so I look at it as my way of giving it back by offering value across a range of products.”

Mr O’Sullivan said: “We’re not sucking it up, Hoover does it and we always try to get the prices down here as much as we can.

“It’s all a bit whimsical and it makes the day enjoyable. It’s also keeping 31 employees on the job and I must say it brought tears to my eyes compared to Michael Collins, the absolute Irish hero of all time.”


€ 47.34 . A vacuum cleaner on sale for at Sam’s Gala

Under the Public Health (Alcohol) Act 2018 minimum unit alcohol pricing came into force in Ireland last week as a public health measure to curb the problem of drinking, with a minimum alcohol price of 10 percent per gram.

This means that an average bottle of wine cannot be sold for less than €7.40, while a can of beer costs at least €1.70.

A bottle of vodka or gin now costs a minimum of €20.70, while whiskey now costs at least €22.

Ireland has joined Scotland, Wales, the Russian Federation and parts of Australia and Canada to initiate the move.

Scotland was the first country in Europe to introduce it in 2018, followed by Wales in 2020.

The response on Facebook to Sam’s gala promotion has been overwhelming, with comments such as: “Fantastic. Someone deserves a bonus for this idea’ and ‘I think I can return the plastic glasses, if anyone else’. I can also return the plastic glasses if needed.'”


€ 47.34 at Sam’s Gala. on sale for slabs of cider

“Store of the year right here, Sam or Legend,” said another, while one person added: “Brace yourself, you’re about to be the most famous shop in Ireland.”

Others also commented on the great value of mops for New Year’s spring cleaning.