The wounds of January 6 in Congress are deep, Trump keeps them fresh – Tech Viral Tips

Events that marked the first anniversary of the attack capital Exhibited the deep scars that have been divided day by day Congress and to the country.

He also portrayed the former president’s ongoing control. Donald Trump about the party Republican, As legislators gathered in the chamber of the House to remember the rebellion a year earlier, the only Republican seen was Representative Liz Cheney, who had distanced herself from her party because of her constant criticism. trump, and his father, former Vice President Dick Cheney.

Liz Cheney, who was dropped from her role earlier this year Republican House No. 3 said the absence of other Republican lawmakers “is a reflection of our party. It’s very worrying”.

“A party which is slave to the cult of personality, is a party which is dangerous for the country,” he said, referring to the impact of trump“And clearly I think we have to get to the point where we’re focusing on abstract and policy issues.”

Cheney and his father, who served in three presidential administrations RepublicanThe move has been warmly welcomed by some Democrats in the House, despite sharp disagreements over the policy in the past. The former vice president, who once represented Wyoming in the House as his daughter now does, criticized current Republican leaders for not being there.

“This is not a leadership that looks like any of the people I met here for 10 years,” he said.

Aside from commemoration, usually bustling capital It was a mostly quiet Thursday, in contrast to January 6 last year when violent mobs of supporters trump They pressured the police to storm the building and obstruct the voting certification of the Electoral College. When the mob stormed the offices and tried to enter the chamber room, the MLAs, employees and journalists were forced to flee to the safe rooms.

Neither the House nor the Senate planned the votes and many Republican Senate officials, including Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, were in Georgia for the funeral of former Senator Johnny Isaacson, who died on December 19. To mark the anniversary in the Senate during half-day speeches. The floor, no Republicans spoke. Some House Republicans held unrelated events in their districts.

President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris gave a speech capital, the beginning of a series of events in which historians and legislators often offer serious or emotional first-hand memories and opinions.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi addresses the gathering in the House room and then sits down to interview NBC You CNN To rate everything.

“A year later, the sacred space where members make laws, children learn, welcome visitors, was desecrated and damaged, we know,” Pelosi said on the chamber floor. “As we reflect on that darkest day, we remember that the insurgents sought not only to attack the building, but also to undermine democracy.”

In CNN, Pelosi said that while the county should be on the lookout for threats to democracy, he was confident that we It will come out of the current divisions.

“He survived the civil war; can you overtake the former president of the AAP? we “, He said.

But conspiracy theories and false claims of voter fraud sparked a rebellion.

across the road capitalMILF The Hardcore Representative trump, Matt Getz of Florida and Marjorie Taylor Green of Georgia conducted a counter-programming with a press conference which they declared as “reaction”. Republican 6″. He put forward a strange and unfounded far-right conspiracy theory that the FBI instigated the riot.

“What I want to know is, was our government involved and why? Why would they do this? Green said.

When the programs of the House were being held, trump issued a statement reiterating his claim that the 2020 elections were rigged.

“Never forget the guilt of the 2020 presidential election. Never give up!” They said.

most elected officials Republican refrained from repeating the lie of the rigged election, but did his best to avoid mentioning the role of trump In his statements on the violence on 6 January.

associates of trumpIn a tweet and subsequent statement on January 6, Senator Lindsey Graham accused Biden of politicizing it to distract from his failed foreign and economic policies. This was a departure from Graham’s statements a year earlier, where he had condemned the role of trump on the protest.

Some other Republicans, such as Louisiana Rep. Steve Scalise, was Republican House No. 2 condemned that day’s violence and also accused Pelosi and other Democrats of using the anniversary for partisan purposes.

Instead, he has turned it into a political theater to distract from the administration’s many woes and failures. Biden Which are hurting American households such as inflation, high gas prices, border crises and COVID mismanagement,” Skellis said.

McConnell, in his statement, was clear in condemning the violence. But he quickly switched to attacking Democrats for using the incident to try to advance his voting rights bill, which McConnell said was a partisan attempt to federalize the election and generate benefits for Democrats. Effort. He said it was wrong to try to sabotage the Senate’s filibuster tradition on January 6.

“It is particularly surprising that some Senate Democrats call for a rush effort to change our nation’s norms, rules and institutions as a justification for abandoning our own norms, rules and institutions,” McConnell said.

In contrast, Alaska Sen. Lisa Murkowski, one of seven Republican who voted in favor of condemnation trump In his second impeachment trial last January, he was one of the few Republicans to defect to the former president and said in a statement that he “provoked” the crowd. broke in capital,

“A year later, I have the sadness and anger to learn that it was Americans who violated the heart of our democracy, by failing the certification of a legal election,” Murkowski said in his statement.

senator Republican Mitt Romney of Utah, who also voted to plead guilty trump After the rebellion, he warned that the lesson of the day should not be forgotten.

“Democracy is fragile; cannot survive without leaders of integrity and character who care more about the strength of our republic than winning the next election,” said Romney, an outspoken critic. trump, this is a statement.

Minnesota Democrat Sen. Tina Smith said it was “sad” that many Republican They were trying to downplay the importance of the day.

“What happened on January 6th was very clear: there was a violent attack against him. capital led by insurgents whose clear aim was to nullify free and fair presidential elections Biden and they were encouraged to go capital Then. -President trump he said on Bloomberg Radio. “This is a direct attack on our democracy; We’ve never seen anything like this before.”