‘There are always parties with minors on that roof’

Juarez City.- The State Attorney General’s Office (FGE) reported that, while its Control, Analysis and Evaluation Unit is investigating a public ministry agent who released two people potentially responsible for crimes against people’s correct training, The investigation continues into the presence of more than 150 insured minors at a party last Friday.

“The Office of the North Zone District Prosecutor is continuing with the integration into the investigation folder, no matter what happened. The said folder is in charge of another agent of the Public Ministry, and information is still being requested (a) mother- Public Safety aimed at issuing summons to the father and the juvenile, to begin the process before a court later”, told the spokesman of FGE in the Northern Territory, Oscar Marquez.

In the Anahuac neighborhood, at the site of the seizure called Arcoiris Terrace, the doors of the establishment yesterday lacked the closing seals put out by the Directorate General of Civil Defense (DGPC), so the head of said agency, Roberto Briones, informed that the economic fine was justified.

“There are always parties with minors on that terrace,” said a neighbor on the terrace, who asked not to be identified.

“There have been three or four (in the last two months) till two or three in the morning. It was 10 o’clock that night (Friday) and many were already drunk,” said the interviewer.

FGE also reported that the Public Ministry agent linked to the captive unit had released two of the presents – identified as Martha RN and Arnold C – while an internal investigation was underway.

“The Office of the State Attorney General categorically rejects the action of an agent of the Public Ministry who allegedly released two people without respecting due process,” the agency said in a statement to this medium.

“Therefore, the prosecutor’s office special in control, analysis and evaluation was given a hearing to proceed in accordance with the law and apply the relevant sanctions,” the text added.

The seizure of 159 minors was made last Friday night when the Municipal Public Security Secretariat (SSPM) intervened in the celebrations celebrated by the DGPC.

“The person who brought the operation was Civil Defense, because they found out the information about where a huge event was going to take place, because there was an invitation through a social network; they were the ones who invited us to be there, because Many minors wanted to go out and were not allowed to go, when they were gone when we intervened, and it was then that we had already found the minors and provided the two elders, who made the invitation. was given”, said SSPM chief Cesar Munoz.

Once at the FGE, however – according to what this media reported yesterday – the MP agent admitted that the SSPM did not prove the validity of the arrests of the two detainees, nor could it demonstrate that a judicial order was obtained for the arrests. it was done. Location.

“We intervened in the necessity of what was happening at that time and so we acted; and I consider it (the performance of the officers) right,” Munoz said yesterday.

“Outside, outside, parents were saying their kids were inside and they wouldn’t let them out, but we didn’t accuse them because really no one was being held against their will. When we entered we realized that, in fact, it was just a meeting called by a social network and there were minors who were drinking intoxicants,” the police chief said.

The bulletin issued by the SSPM on Saturday 8 said that the arrest of the alleged managers of the business stemmed from the fact that they were “indicated by the guests that an amount of 100 pesos was recovered from them in return for providing them with various was intoxicated, being called to join the program through the Facebook social network “.

Also, “67 women and 92 men aged 14 to 17 years were shifted to the social work department of the police station in the university district, where personnel on duty were assigned to receive and take care of them and then communicate with them.” their parents and apprise them of the situation in which their children – had already been released – while 34 men and women of legal age were produced before a civil judge, who administered them was in charge of qualifying for the offense”.