“There is not a single piece of evidence against Del Rio”

The Political Coordination Board of the Senate of the Republic (JUCOPO) integrated a special commission to investigate possible abuses of authority in the State of Veracruz, not only in the case of José Manuel del Río Virgen, its technical secretary, detained in recent days. Taken December, who is charged with murder.

The said group, informed Ricardo Monreal Avila, the president of Zucopo in the upper house, will collect information about all “arbitrary acts committed by the authorities, in which innocent citizens are deprived of their liberty.”

Dante Delgado, the coordinator of the civil movement, presides over the commission, and has PAN coordinator Julene Rementaria and Morenoist senator Eduardo Ramírez as secretaries. Also participating as members are PRI Beatriz Paredes, PRD Miguel ngel Manseira, Ral Bolaos from PVEM and Sassil de Leon from PES.

Before the creation of this commission, the governor of the state of Veracruz, Cuitlahuac García, stated that he was not afraid of a special commission in the Senate to investigate the allegedly illegal arrest of Jucopo’s technical secretary, José Manuel del Río Virgen. and said that the commission “makes him laugh.”

But there are already several allegations about arbitrary detentions in the state of Veracruz and which are reaching this special commission of inquiry in the Senate of the Republic. On these matters, we spoke to Miguel ngel Manseira, the coordinator of the PRD Senators.

Miguel ngel Manseira (MAM): First, to inform you that a commission was constituted in the Senate of the Republic, that this commission was created at the request of the Political Coordination Board, a governing body of the Senate where all parliamentary groups are represented , all, without exception. It was signed unanimously, i.e. by all parliamentary groups, to form this commission, through coordinators and coordinators.

Bibiana Belsaso (BB): How does this commission work?

Mam: The commission is made up of all parliamentary groups, with the signatures of all coordinators and all coordinators; The purpose of the commission at this time is to collect information about possible cases where authority could have been abused, with particular attention to the actions of the prosecutor’s office or the judicial power of the State of Veracruz. So far I can tell you that there are many cases reaching every member of this Commission, they will be documented; ie, there would be nothing like “there was a phone call, someone told us, someone told us”, no, everything would be documented, with files, with records, and for the month of February, that we had previously period, will proceed to inform Plenary.

BB: A few days ago the governor of Veracruz said that he was not worried about this commission.

Mam: The first thing I made clear is that the commission is completely legal, it is a commission that has legal backing in the law of Congress, in the regulations of the Senate of the Republic, and is composed of all political forces; So, of course, it’s a legally established commission, which is going to inform the Senate full of the findings.

BB: It stems from the case of the arrest of Del Río Virgen, who is charged with a murder in which there is not a single witness to convict him.

Mam: This commission actually stems from the case of Del Rio Virgen for the following reasons: Because from the arrest warrant, reading his records, it is not noticed that there is a single element of evidence that convicts him, not a single one. Witnesses point out that, there is not a single witness who says that he has even heard that he had planned the murder, as they are accusing him of being a mastermind, i.e. an instigator, whom he has been accused of committing a murder. was to see. There is not a single witness, in that sense, all are witnesses, men and women, even a protected witness, most of all they declare that del Río has a specific weight in the civil movement, that the verdict wanted to do the candidate who was going to replace the person who died and on some occasion, I believe, two of them say that on some occasion he told them: “You have to let things happen, this candidate Ho, or what, do you want another? Dead?

BB: Is it because there is a problem between the civil movement and the current governor of Veracruz?

Mam: Well, look, I really don’t know, because all the cases that are coming up were reported on its front page today by a national newspaper who told us the day before yesterday about a man who got arrested for murder Is. , as if the direct perpetrator of the murder, when he has lived in Leon all his life and is today detained in Coahuila, is taking the process to Veracruz, because it draws a lot of attention from what is happening .

From reading his records, it is not noticed that there is not a single element of evidence which convicts him, there is not a single witness who points to it, there is not a single witness who even says that he has heard that he had planned the massacre

BB: Is this commission being used for all crimes or crimes against Veracruz prosecutor’s office in particular or all other political matters?

Mam: Veracruz Prosecutor’s Office only and Veracruz State only. The rules of the Senate of the Republic and the laws of Congress tell you that special commissions can be created for specific issues.

BB: And is this commission created directly by Ricardo Monreal?

Mam: This commission has been created with the consent of all the parliamentary groups, as I am telling you.

BB: And what’s next?

Mam: It is time to collect the information, organize it, and once we have everything organized, we will of course inform the plenary through the chairman of the commission, which is Dante Delgado.

BB: And when the plenary convention is informed, what is the next step?

Mam: The next step is for the plenary to decide along with the cases that will be heard, they can give hearings to the National Human Rights Commission, they can give hearings to international organizations; In other words, decisions will be made in the State Judicial Council itself, in the Supreme Court of Justice, pending an unconstitutional action for the offense of humiliation in the state of Veracruz today.

BB: When will they present it at the plenary convention? When will the results of all this research be received?

Mam: February, because this is when you have to be in day-to-day work in the Senate, already in the normal period, and that’s when you can report to the plenary.

BB: If people have a case of abuse of power in Veracruz, where can they send information?

Mam: That they send us information to the Senate of the Republic, it may be directed to President Dante Delgado, who is the chairman of this commission, nothing like the “Special Commission for the Investigation of Possible Abuse of Authority in the State of Veracruz”. To Dante Delgado.