There will be minor charges against the arsonists

Those accused of participating in a series of fires that engulfed a vehicle and business last Thursday will face a reduced fee. The state’s attorney general, Roberto Fierro, explained that one of the detainees could only be held liable for intentional harm and another offense against health for the alleged possession of 12 doses of glass.

A third man was arrested yesterday after he announced his participation in the burning of trucks, though he is facing charges of crimes against health.

“The crimes are harm and against health, those are the ones we’ve found that we can charge. For now, we have the detainees under investigation, we’re with inquiries and some issues that we’re reviewing.” until we determine their legal status,” Fierro said.

Official information provided by the Municipal Public Security Secretariat (SSPM) said it was 21-year-old Jose Daniels CO who was shocked by a burning tire and a “Molotov” bomb at the house that had been used by the previous administration. was enabled as one. The liaison office is located in the Parajes de San Jose neighborhood at the intersection of Costa de Oro and Paseo de San Jose streets.

The damaged farm is owned by the State Housing, Land and Infrastructure Commission (Coesvi), so it is up to this government body to file a claim for damages.

State Penal Code Article 236 establishes that whoever destroys or damages the property of another or causes damage to the detriment of another, shall be punished with imprisonment of three to six years and a fine of 250 to 750 days. 500, but not 5 thousand times the minimum wage, when the value of damages exceeds Rs.500.

or, imprisonment of six to 12 years and a fine of 650 to 1,250 days, if the value of the damages exceeds five thousand minimum wages.

Article 237 states that in case of damage caused by fire, flood, explosion or similar causes, the penalty concerned shall be halved.

The abandoned house fire was one of the first incidents recorded last Thursday.

Regarding the second detainee, identified as Ricardo Santiago DR, 34, the SSPM reported that they contacted him to conduct a preventive inspection and found 12 doses of glass.

The man is believed to have “mentioned that he worked with those who started the fire and that if they had let him go, he would have given them information about others involved,” for which he was arrested. Ricardo Santiago will face charges of crimes against health and could be released within 48 hours if there are no other factors such as retrial against him.

Regarding the third detainee whom the SSPM identified as Andres VQ, the police said that the man hurled insults at the agents and said that he had participated in the burning of public transport trucks, for which he is being investigated by the concerned authority. Is.

The deterrents belong to Andres as a participant in the burning of a personnel truck and as evidence the corporation provided a video where he is seen walking into another man’s company with a gallon of fuel.

Juarez on fire… again

Prosecutor Fierro said the events of last Thursday and which set the city on fire for the second time were caused by members of organized crime.

For the first time, establishes journalism archive, in 2019 prisoner Jesus Eduardo Soto Rodriguez, nicknamed “Lalo” and leader of the criminal group “Mexicals”, was the operator of a violent day in which 10 trucks were set ablaze and people injured were go. ,

The attacks, state officials said at the time, were to prevent the leader’s transfer to another prison. A year later the FGE transferred, although the criminal structure built into the prison remained intact, state Public Secretariat officials said, then in charge of Cereso 3.

On this second occasion, following the arrests of people allegedly involved in the incidents, yesterday the prosecutor assured that the criminal group that set fire to 10 vehicles, a former security booth and an Oxo store in different parts of the city had been identified. Is. Mainly in the South East.

“I’m going to reserve names because the development of the ongoing investigation may affect me and not to defend any group, but we have found them and we are going against all generators of violence,” He assured.

However, in this case, social representation was unable to establish organized crime 24 hours after the events.

Even the main activity of the group identified as responsible is drug trade in the city, the lawyer said.

He specified that although it is an act related to organized crime, prosecutors will investigate further to determine whether they decline the investigation file before the attorney general’s office.