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The new administration of the Torreón DIF system will restart the project of a temporary center for mental health and attention to the elderly, which was left unfinished in the previous municipal administration.

Construction began in July 2018 on land located on one side of the Ciudad dif and although the metal structure, coated canvas and concrete slabs were already in place, the current Honorary President, Selina Bremer de Cepeda, announced yesterday that they would replace the headquarters, in the original project. In addition to analyzing, because they have other plans.

“We bring new projects for the mental health clinic, we are already located where we are going to find it, it will not be here, we bring another idea for the tent (cover) we will also offer you . There are surprises, we’ll give them to you. To know,” he said, but did not divulge further details.

Bremer de Cepeda said mental health is a problem that is growing more and more and that it has been exacerbated as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. In this context, he mentioned that the Center would first try to offer liaison support, apart from sending all cases to specialized units that would require it.

“We have to analyze it, it’s a project that hasn’t started for us, we have to look to see what their plans were, but let’s bring our plan. I don’t know what is included in their plan but We have brought our project to the fullest. Programs that work and serve are what can be improved and what is new to implement is implemented,” he added. .

In 2018, it was reported that in the context of mental health, the initial objective was to provide low-cost psychotherapeutic and psychotherapeutic care, apart from treating people in serious distress to control the illness and later send them to institutions or associations. channel was to be provided. Do this service or return them to their families. In relation to the elderly, it was intended to serve those who were in a state of abandonment.

During the start of construction, it was announced that a metal structure and covered canvas donated with an estimated value of 5 million pesos would expedite work times, already after the installation of the concrete slabs. , assembly will follow and tools later.

In the first phase, the city council will invest 500 thousand pesos in the assembly of the structure and the manufacture of concrete slabs; In the second, the facilities and service areas would be air conditioned at a cost of 2,500,000 pesos, while in the third, equipment was planned.

But in 2019, there was a delay as DIF was awaiting an opinion which would indicate whether the structure (tent) was in good condition after it was removed by the contractor. There was also talk that a tender would be floated for the repair of the membrane (roof) going over the metal structure fitted to the Ciudad DIF.

On that occasion, it was estimated that it would cost one lakh pesos to repair the roof which had already completed its life cycle and which was acquired by the city council in 2016.

The project was eventually shelved, as it was argued that the federal cuts had a negative impact on the finances of the municipal administration.

mental illness

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* In 2018 it was reported that 25% of the population had mild to severe mental illness.

* One in four people will experience emotional or mental illness throughout their life, be it mild, moderate or severe.

* Due to the above, it was announced that emergency service has emerged for temporary care of emotional and mental illnesses, such as: insomnia, anxiety crisis, post-traumatic stress, bipolar disorder and mental illness plus addiction, etc.