They detect 14 cases of COVID-19 per hour in Coahuila

In the first seven days of 2022 this year, public and private laboratories have notified the state health secretariat of 2,454 new infections of COVID-19 in Coahuila, of which 17%, which is equivalent to 439 cases, were found in Lagunera. Huh. Region, Torreón being the municipality with the highest incidence.

Friday was the highest day of the year in terms of new infections. The state government released 700 cases and the event was led by the city of Saltillo with 170 cases. In La Laguna, the reports were distributed as 129 new infections: Torrón 90 cases, 15 in Matamoros, 12 in San Pedro de las Colonias, Francisco I. 6 in Madero and 1 in Viesca.

This week, Alberto Salas Cepeda, the coordinator of the La Laguna Health Board, warned about a possible rebound in COVID-19 infections as a result of the social mobility generated by Christmas and New Year celebrations. However, he indicated that he expects the situation to stabilize positively from next March.

The doctor indicated that the scenario is different from the one experienced in 2020, especially because in 2021 Mexico had made progress with vaccination against COVID-19 and a significant number of the population has a full plan for it, while in another region With already it began with the application of the third dose.

Vaccination has also shown a reduction in the number of people hospitalized and deaths due to the disease.

Faced with the presence of worrying types of omicrons in Coahuila, especially in Torén, the doctor asked not to be alarmed and, on the contrary, followed health measures such as social distancing, use of face masks and avoiding crowded places. urged to continue.

From January 1 to 7, 2022, new infections in Coahuila broke down as follows: there were 339 new infections on the first day, 67 of them from La Laguna; On the second day, 62 new cases were reported, of which two were concentrated in the region; On the third day, 62 new infections were reported, of which 24 were from La Laguna; And on the fourth day 441 new cases were reported, out of which 68 were found in this area.

420 new cases were reported in the state on the fifth day, including 77 from La Laguna; For the sixth day, 430 new cases of COVID-19 were reported, including 72 from Comarca Lagunera; And yesterday 700 new cases were reported and 129 of them were reported in this area.

death and hospitalization

The State Plan for Prevention and Control of COVID-19 also announced 3,272 active cases yesterday, Friday, with Coahuila leading the list with Saltillo with 683 cases, Torrón with 413 and Monclova with 405 .

Other lagoon municipalities such as Matamoros have 78 active cases, while San Pedro de las Colonías has 56, Francisco I. Madero 31, and Vesca 5. Yesterday there were 164 people across the state who were hospitalized with suspicion and diagnosis of COVID-19 and out of this number 64 were concentrated in the Lagunera area.

In addition, six deaths were reported in the municipalities of Villa Union, San Juan de Sabinas, Piedras Negras, Muzquiz, Frontera and Allende. The Coahuila government recommended that families avoid visiting places with high attendance and, if necessary, move to those located outside.

It is also important to privilege sites that follow protocols established by regional health subcommittees. For those who want to go out, it is necessary to use a mask.

return to infection

Social Measures:

* When COVID-19 spreads within the community, health measures established by the authorities should be adopted to reduce the risk of infection.

* It is important to maintain physical distance, use a mask, ventilate rooms well, avoid crowds, wash hands and cover your mouth and nose with a bent elbow or handkerchief while coughing.

*It is necessary to seek medical advice before any symptoms of respiratory disease.