They have IMSS. had a year operating fraud

An internal investigation initiated by the Mexican Institute of Social Security’s (IMSS) hospital General Regional 66, probably triggered by irregular paid leave, indicated that, in one year, about 200 employees received this benefit from the staff. This medical unit represents unofficial data.

The same information – obtained from different sources – adds that one of the representatives of the National Union of Social Security Workers (SNTSS), Carla Mesa of Juarez, learned of the investigation by IMSS and, it was indicated, the personnel. There was a demand to impress upon the Trust which reported the alleged discrepancies.

The media looked for Mesa yesterday at the SNTSS Section VIII office on this border located on Vicente Guerrero Avenue, but she was not and did not respond to a request for an interview.

The SNTSS office inside Hospital 66 was secured by the Attorney General’s Office (FGR) last Tuesday after it also put up a stamp indicating the course of an investigation folder.

“They filed a complaint for false papers, and based on that they are conducting an investigation; This is where I know it exists”, said Gerardo de Leon Aerlen, Secretary General of Section VIII of the SNTSS, in an interview yesterday.

Although unofficial data indicated that de Leon had been aware of the internal investigation since at least August, in an interview he said he had found out “yesterday or a day ago”, when Mesa called him to the Federal Public Ministry. informed about the intervention.

“They told me that ‘the police are here’ (…) happened the day Carla Mesa informed me, she is my labor secretary,” De Leon said.

“I think they found a document that wasn’t filed on time, something like that, so they’re checking that a worker’s permit was not filed on time, it’s a permit, a license is a permit. ” she added.

On Wednesday, the state delegation of IMSS, led by Daniel Bonilla y Calderón, noted only in a statement that “it is representing and contributing to the investigation conducted by the National Association of Social Security Workers (SNTSS) in the State of the Republic of the Republic of VIII.” Office of the Attorney-General of the U.S.”, and that it would not give further details.

Separately, unofficial information obtained states that the FGR folder, whose asset assurance stamp indicates it is from 2021, is derived from an internal investigation probably triggered by the issuance of irregular licenses with salaries at Hospital 66, which But El Dario reported in November.

The figures obtained yesterday also point to the fact that the benefit plan – based on false justification – was offered to workers for almost a year by SNTSS representatives in that sanatorium, located southeast of Juarez.

De Leon confirmed yesterday that Christian Lomas, Jorge Ramírez, Luis Miguel Contreras and Fernanda Murillo are representatives of the SNTSS in that medical unit and in charge of managing paid leave.

“If they are investigating them, the only thing they do is process, do administrative procedures here. For example, a federalized high school worker needs a permit (…) if, for example, a young child has a fractured bone and already needs maternal care; The worker either presents a document issued by the health institution, and what the co-worker does is fill out a form, present it to the institution and explain the reason why they are going to be absent, so that their absence can count their pay. Don’t impress, that’s the only thing you do,” De Leon said.

This media asked to interview the SNTSS representatives mentioned at the temporary union office near them at HGR 66, but there was no response.

The information received said that the internal investigation began when the personnel office of that hospital found supporting documents showing discrepancies in the signatures and names of doctors and clinics involved in various such procedures.

In addition, about 70 employees who received benefits already declared before the internal control body of IMSS, and that the institute had withheld the amount of salary received by them during the period of the license processed through their representatives. SNTSS.

“This was the result of about 200 or 250 licenses processed during the year in favor of workers, where it was recognized that multiple signatures of the same worker did not correspond to his signature, because instead of reaching the unit, he spoke to the representative, The representative did everything and even signed”, it was reported.

Emphasizing that he did not know about the license check, but from the office’s assurances by the FGR, de Leon referred to other publications.

“He said ‘Gerardo de Leon sells seats for a million pesos’; I said ‘oh what a father he was like’, but no, you can’t”, he said.

“They told me I was selling a place here at the institute, here at Social Security, and well, I don’t, I don’t sell the place; all I give are job offers, places offered by the institution, this The employer is there, and I make job offers… without my signature a person cannot enter work”, he said.