They prevent 300 people from leaving the country for crimes

Chihuahua- According to a November 2021 report published on the page, a total of 316 people are prohibited from moving out of the country, territory or territorial realm that a judge has determined as a precautionary measure for some offense for which they may be processed. Used to be. officers of the judiciary.

According to the said report, it is the Morelos Judicial District, which is headed by the city of Chihuahua, it is the place where this precautionary measure was applied to more people, from January to November 2021 126 accumulated, in the second place is the Bravos Judicial District, In which the head office in Ciudad Juárez, 85 registrations in eleven months.

This is followed by the Judicial Districts of Benito Juárez (Head of Cuutemoque) and Hidalgo (Head of Paral) with 28 cases each, the Camargo and Abraham González Judicial Districts with 17 and 14 respectively, with the rest matching the other districts, according to the report. .

However, the precautionary measure of preventive detention is that where there were more people in these eleven months, in this case there were 3 thousand 504, of these 3 thousand 333 are men and 171 women, while in 21 cases they were contained in their respective cases. houses, according to the type of crime to which they were attached.

Similarly, statistics show that there are 1,796 defendants who must appear before a judge or designated authority from time to time, 58.29 percent of the total, corresponding to the Bravos Judicial District.

Of the 21 cases of domicile annexation, morelos (12), Benito Juárez (4), Bravos (3) and 2 pertain to the judicial districts of Hidalgo.

The judicial power report establishes that 468 were requested economic guarantees, the majority being consistent with the judicial districts Abraham Gonzalez and Morelos, when registering 179 and 153, respectively, in addition the entity had 9 cases of property confiscation and 6. . Were they stable bank accounts.

There are also 1,250 respondents who are prohibited from being together, having contact with or communicating with certain people, while 1,138 were forbidden from attending certain meetings or visiting certain places.

It is to be noted that Article 155 of the National Code of Criminal Procedure establishes the types of precautionary measures which, upon the request of the Ministry of Public Affairs (MP) or the victim or the hurt, the judge may impose on the accused one or more. Further they cannot be used as a means of obtaining acknowledgment of the offense or as an anticipatory criminal sanction.

As per the said Ordinance, the Controlling Judge, while applying one or more precautionary measures, shall take into account the arguments made by the parties or the justification given by the MP, applying the criterion of minimum interference according to the special circumstances of each . Person..

In addition, in order to determine the appropriateness and proportionality of the measurements, the risk assessment analysis carried out by specialized personnel in this case may be taken into account in an objective, impartial and neutral manner with reference to applicable law. On the other hand, in the event that the accused is a person above the age of seventy years or is affected by any serious or incurable disease, whether they are pregnant women, or mothers during lactation, the judicial body may order that the prisoner deterrent will be executed. Let’s do. Subject to appropriate precautionary measures, at the home of the accused person or, if applicable, at a medical or geriatric centre.

However, those who, at the discretion of the controlling judge, may not be able to enjoy a perceived benefit from the action of justice or may manifest conduct that presages their social risk.