They publish love-hate letters from Octavio Paz to Elena Garros

“Love is scandal, disorder, crime: of two stars that break the fatality of their orbits and meet in the middle of space”: Octavio Paz (labyrinth of solitude, Odie et amo: letter to Helena (Siglo XXI Editores, 2021), Guillermo Sheridan’s volume, which confirms the author’s arguments clear pass Around emotional excitement.

Volume that compiles the 84 tributes that young poet Octavio Paz sent to narrator Elena Garro during a troubled love affair during the first decade (1935–1945) in which he starred with her: Mexico City, 1935 (The Courtship Beginning); Merida, 1937 (prelude to marriage); California, 1944–1945 (The Scars of Love’s Wreck, Prelude to Separation).

Paz falls in love with another woman and begins another wild story. Elena Garro prefers to convert her hatred to religion

William Sheridan

The nature of hatred mixed with love: a critical section of this collection. hence the title, hate and love: Hate and Love, Poem of Catulus. What about love, which always has this element of hate? How can it be that I hate and love?

“My intention was to understand the active factors in those works and letters that had their origin in a love story which, like all of them, is filled with the light of desire, love ecstasy, unity or sensual birth, and covered with jealousy. . and insecurities,” says Sheridan in the book’s introduction.

It is said that these letters depict the misunderstanding, compulsion, arrogance, delusions, masculinity and physical coercion of a 21-year-old young poet who is in love with his wife and mother of daughter Laura Helena. However, Guillermo Sheridan’s research work is focused on unveiling the intellectual and poetic development of the future writer. Parole.

“We are in the presence of a fundamental volume that contributes new elements to the life of Paz. Sheridan reveals the written files from the spiritual and also from the imminent need of communication with the desired woman. The young poet is at his most expensive enthusiasm, thoughts. , exposes hobbies, doubts, anxieties and feelings before the eyes of the bride. A testimony to the frenzy of the Nobel Prize in Literature for writing in a display of surprising and extraordinary embarrassment”, he expressed in an interview Cause Catharina Renzi Troncoso, scholar of the work of Mexican poet and essayist, professor at the University of Florida.

Odie et amo: letter to Helena

Author: Octavio Pazu
Version / Notes: Guillermo Sheridan
Gender: epigraphic
Editorial: 21st century, 2021

Who was the promising prose of the future great essayist Paz? We can appreciate the energy of a prose writer to relate to the demands of the language. We are witnesses of an anxiety and, likewise, of a stubborn scriptural explosion. Some are laziness and carelessness; But, they are hastily written letters from the heat of everyday life. Preface to the Great Essayist: The reader can appreciate in this book the ability of the author to present that masterpiece years later A labyrinth of solitude.

Also a reflection of the books you read in those years? The style of readings by authors such as Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Friedrich Nietzsche, Fyodor Dostoevsky, Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Rilke, Francisco de Quevedo, Gongora, Miguel de Cervantes … Do not forget that the young poet is in the process of training, that There is evidence that Paz was an insatiable reader.

Sheridan says that Garro is dwelling in hatred; And peace, in a couple of love. What did you think about it? We know Elena Garro’s sadly famous confession: “I’ve been against her, I’ve studied against her, and I’ve spoken against her too,” in reference to Paz. displeasure that, apparently, to some extent codified, the author’s behavior future memories. After a few setbacks, Paz reconciled with Prem in Marie-Jose Tramini.

letter from octavio pazu

Helena mine:

I like my word in front of your name. Similar to H: that you have it – only you, among all the Alenes – and that we use it as a kind of loving password, a sign of ours, with us a new, secret and ineffectual bond Connects – my – already bound hearts.

I told you today that I have found you in everything. Your sweet miracle, which repeats you in all the images of the world and does not satisfy me: if any word is applied to love, it is: insatiable, with moderation and excess. But I am never in that abstinence from you, because I find you in everything – from pain, from pleasure.

You are at a party right now and I dedicate myself to save you from the superficial haze that hides inside me. Well, you were still there a moment ago, like a tender feeling. Like a joy that hasn’t burst yet, a blue news that awaits us in the depths of our souls […]