They see the “Deltakron” case in Mexico; they ask for caution

Virologists in the country warned that recombination of the variant by Covid-19 is possible and could happen in Mexico, although they did not panic until its lethality and progression are known.

Leondios Kostrikis, professor of biology at the University of Cyprus and director of the Laboratory of Biotechnology and Molecular Virology, reported this Saturday that 25 combinations of omicron and delta variants have been found, and they may be more common in hospitalized patients. Huh. Compared to positive ambulatory.

As an example in our country, on October 16, 2021, the Ministry of Health of Hidalgo in Mexico found that a patient had covid-19 and mu variants in the body, after it began its circulation from Colombia in January of the same year. ,

In his Twitter account, Alejandro Macias, an expert in internal medicine and infection science, acknowledged that “it is a mistake to think that viral variants are built on top of each other. That is to say that beta is derived from alpha, and delta is derived from the previous ones.” The variant actually has its distance from the founding Wuhan virus,” and he credits NextStrain, an open source project to harness the scientific and public health potential of pathogen genome data.

Researcher from the Mexican Genomic Surveillance Consortium, Alejandro Sánchez Flores, assures that this recombination is already occurring in Mexico, although he clarified that cases of coexistence or lethality are rare, as it is not necessarily robust.

“There have already been co-infections in Mexico such as the case between Covid-19 and Mu in Hidalgo, but luckily there were no more and I think that is likely. It is important to review studies to verify the conditions in which this coexistence between the different forms arose. It is very rare but can definitely happen”, he explained.

Sanchez Flores said that at the moment we are far from the beginning of the end of the epidemic, so it is absurd for officials to say that it is no longer necessary to test, or that the epidemic is already controlled, especially with the appearance of new variants. .

UNAM virologist Alberto Campillo said the virus is not a living being, although it thinks so, as it attempts to replicate itself and survive in vulnerable parts of the body.

“I have worked with and manipulated coronaviruses, and they have this genetic recombination process because it is their nature. It cannot be denied that different forms coexist as it helps them to survive; This is a normal process that can happen, but it is necessary to analyze under what circumstances it arose,” he said.

Alberto Campillo stated that there are two scenarios, one in which it is more toxic and the other in which there is no effect on the most severe organisms.

“We need to examine those sequences to see how it begins to evolve, but there is a valid possibility that they coexist in the same virus. You have to see if it starts, disperse once it is detected, check the cases of those who get infected and monitor their symptoms,” he explained.

Campillo considered that the determining factor in whether it is stronger is “the level of hospitalization of people with these variants, as well as the development in their bodies in patients, in addition to knowing whether they were vaccinated for it.” Yes, vaccination is necessary.

UNAM’s Rodrigo Jacom indicated that before the announcement of DeltaCron’s presence, one should be cautious, because more than worry, more measures need to be taken as the Omicron variant came to displace everyone because of the strength of the contagion.

They call for one million daily doses to accelerate vaccination

PAN’s national leader, Marco Cortés Mendoza, urged the federal government to accelerate vaccination to one million daily doses to counter the rise in cases.

“Given the uncontrollable expansion of infection by Covid-19 and the apparent availability of 49 million doses of vaccines, National Action calls on the federal government to accelerate universal immunization by using all resources that provide at least one million doses daily.” necessary to implement.” Asked.

The Health Ministry said that on January 8, 686 thousand 439 vaccines were administered in our country, due to which 82 lakh 350 thousand 939 people have been vaccinated till this Saturday.

In a statement, Marco Cortés assured that vaccination should cover the entire population, including minors between the ages of 12 and 17, and evaluate the effects of the pandemic in children aged 5 to 12 years.