They train the military elite in the woods, water …

In Tematla, Mexico State, 45 kilometers from the country’s capital, is the Special Forces Training Center of the Mexican Army. Special courses are taught here in Combat Diving, Special Operations in Jungle, Desert and Mountains, Comprehensive Defense, Explosive Handling and Shooting etc.

The purpose of these soldiers, colloquially known as ‘Green Berries’, bats, demons or madmen: to help the population in emergency situations and conduct successful operations to protect the integrity of the country.

Infantry Lieutenant Heriberto Serrano, responsible for the team of diving instructors at this center, told La Rezon that these courses require great physical and mental preparation, as sustained cardiovascular activity here is pivotal to optimal performance in the water, while remaining calm. And stress management skills are vital to the Eleven Week Workout.

“Last year in the floods in Tula there were houses whose first floor was completely submerged; We had to be very careful, you swam blindly, between objects in the water which made the search difficult, strong currents were generated in all directions, these are very stressful situations and they put you to the test, ”Lt. Serrano told this medium.

The diving training area is made up of two pools; The first measures 25 meters wide by 50 meters long and one meter and 30 centimeters deep, and the second, which has levels three, five and 10 meters deep. Both are used for training that helps optimize breath control, develop the ability to swim without looking, and strengthens mental and physical preparedness.

About 50 kilograms of equipment is used by these expert divers; goggles, a 40-minute oxygen tank, helmets with lights or cameras mounted in the water, each weighing a kilogram, an M-16 rifle that works when the Green Berets sink, knives, lamps and ropes and Stuff like breathing hoses, they are part of the uniform of this elite special forces team.

One of his mottoes: “The power of a man lies in the control of his mind, his greatness known by the humility of his soul, the honesty of his spirit and his will to win.”

The virtual training center has ten individual modules to practice shooting with simulators, an electric band for walking and movement with firearms.

30 digital ammunition is used, as it is the same number of shots available in the actual weapon. There are also two moving armed assault simulators; Rear frame mounts on Cheyenne-type trucks equipped with turrets.

At the shooting range, training is provided with actual weapons and ammunition and procedures are taught for optimum and safe operation of shotguns, rifles and pistols. In this section, there are illustrated goals for honing reaction speed, sharpshooter accuracy, as well as agility and dexterity under high stress.

“The aim is to find a balance between accuracy and speed, here we come to train the speed of the fingers, the reaction time and the accuracy in the reaction to pull the trigger, because if you have a case with the hostages you have to take care of all We must take into account possible scenarios and have no time to hesitate,” said Cavalry Lieutenant Victor Alejandro García, chief of the shooting team at the Special Forces Training Center.

Taking these courses requires being an active member of the Mexican military. Once inside, applicants take medical, physical and psychological tests to be able to study and successfully complete any specialty, validating the institute’s main motto: “Mexico for Everything”.

  • Data: The army has five battalions in Temamatla; Employees can also move to other centers in the country.