They want to turn the page in pain 2 years after losing their relative

Two years after the world’s first death from COVID-19 – which claimed 5.4 million victims – citizens of Colombia, Canada, Mexico and Austria describe how they faced the struggle and loss of a family member. In an interview with La Rezon, some expressed a desire to turn Page on the road to recovery, amid an exponential rebound in cases due to the Micron version.

Erica, Tierre, and a Mexican woman recall their fight over the death of a relative due to the virus or its aftermath; While the Austrian-Mexican Oscar said where he lives there is a different perception, as there are few deaths that have been known and fed up, fueling restrictions and resistance to vaccines.

Colombia’s Erica Sánchez Robaldo reported that she lost her father and grandmother in two weeks, who were intubated at the same time and in different beds. One of the challenges he faced was that he was not in the country, but he traveled back and was under quarantine surveillance, unlike Mexico upon arrival.

The most complicated condition the 28-year-old experienced was that of her 57-year-old father, who suffered a fistula (a wound that naturally communicates organs not in contact) between the trachea and esophagus after 21 days . artificial support. The condition complicated his diet due to the risk of aspiration, which led to surgery that did not heal him, and he died 13 days after losing his grandmother’s fight.

Regarding hospitalization, in March 2020, he indicated that initially he received only two minutes of daily reports, but when he left the COVID area he was already allowed to visit him for 20 minutes; This is in a process that has killed an average of 7,500 people daily.

A similar incident happened with a Mexican woman who spoke anonymously. The 20-year-old explained that everyone in her household – her parents, uncles and she – became ill and had fever, loss of smell and cough, but the worst part was taken by her father, who was hospitalized for 45 days. were admitted and could not resist being admitted to a second hospital.

He said that his admission, in July 2020, when more deaths were detected in Mexico, refused to take him to hospital “he thought they were going to kill him, these were his words.” He said he was there for 45 days and was still in rehabilitation after that, which made him unconscious and one caused him to fall which required another hospitalization and he died in September. More than a year after his death, he insisted that he was already waiting for a vaccine and admitted some impotence when seeing people who did not vaccinate themselves or respected the measures, Which he considered negligence.

Separately, Tiare Sanchez, who lives in Canada, said that the death mourning his family was surprising, despite the fact that they already felt a different panorama. He reported that his uncle was hospitalized in Mexico for 15 days and recovered; However, after a few days he fell again and died. She insisted that fortunately there was no further infection in her family, but there is a greater awareness of the restrictions to be followed after this type of death, recalling that there are differences between countries, as she was at the time of death. was in Mexico and it took months to return to Canada, due to restrictions, to do so she also traveled to the United States first for vaccination, as she had not yet arrived here and even with the requirement , they had to live in isolation.

Separately, Oscar Palacios pointed out that where he lives the situation is different as few deaths are known – to date, the deadliest day was 218. He said unlike Mexico there have been four shutdowns, but activity never stopped completely, even as demand in their sector soared.

He explained that the vaccine is now mandatory, with growing disapproval among anti-vaccination groups and conspiratorial or absurd ideas about “control”.

Palacios explained that they know close cases of infection, but the situation is not as harsh as in Germany and Italy, where they have families and contacts. He also remarked that access was different by country, as some only warned of risks and others requested entry requirements, a panorama in which some areas are due to an omicron wave.

That struggle has killed millions since the first death due to an unknown virus that accounts for a quarter of the world’s deaths in the US and Brazil.

Concerns grow about levels of re-infection

The alert is on by Micron and now Spain has registered a huge increase in re-infections by Kovid.

The Carlos III Institute of Health counted at least 20 thousand cases in 15 days, which is much higher than the 17 thousand recorded since the beginning of the epidemic until last month; In other words, it has exceeded the estimated number of cases in the nearly two years since the pandemic began, confirming that this lineage is five times more contagious than Delta.

Although they acknowledge that now patients have milder symptoms than previous ones, the increased increase may represent a risk in the hospitalization issue, coupled with the dire increases in income that they see in other countries such as Great Britain and the United States. make predictions.

Meanwhile, another red light lies in Australia, an area that was handled with a low level of positivity, and had a rebound of up to 170 percent in the past week, indicating that yesterday it was almost as compared to several new reports. reached three times. Cases on January 3, when it is going from 37 thousand to more than 100 thousand, then it hosting a big event like Tennis Open.

Meanwhile, the health sector in New Zealand fears the situation will escalate, as they are already facing unusual figures they estimate could trigger a surge with the return of citizens traveling on holiday.