They were from neighboring partners and Arasi officials.

chihuahua.— Founding partner and director of “Aras Investment Business Group”, Armando Gutierrez Rosas, his wife Flor Edith Salazar Rojas, his brother Luis Carlos Salazar Rojas, Mario Valdez Flores, president of Aras in Panama Jorge, and others allegedly involved in the mega . The financial fraud that affected thousands of Chihuahuan families in the state grew up together as neighbors in the Ponce de Leon neighborhood in the north of the city.

In social networks, various photos of the group of people allegedly involved are seen circulating, most of them aged around 30 to 35, who have posted in their personal publications luxury sports vehicles, trips to Europe, trips on cruises and Posted messages that they were leaving. Expand across the old continent with the sign of Aras.

Some of them, such as Luis Carlos Salazar Rojas, the brother-in-law of former CEO Armando Gutierrez – currently without knowing his whereabouts and not exposed to public opinion – is the treasurer of the company he founded in Panama in February. 2021 under the name of Aras Business Group SD RL, with Jorge Mario Valdez Flores and Luis Alberto Ramírez Amaya

In images circulating on social networks, a publication by Luis Carlos Salazar appears on July 25, 2020, in which two other men pose with luxury sports cars behind their backs and where they wrote verbatim “hahahaha that’s right is, do not finish (aras) that we want to take off more”.

In another publication with photos on a street in a European country and even wearing a black sweatshirt with the Arras logo, Luis Carlos Salazar responds to a comment that an acquaintance wrote to him; “What a dog! Next year we are going to the Netherlands and we are going to the addicts club so they can stay there”, to which Salazar Rojas replied“ Hahaha I know”.

On December 28, 2019, a man identified as Raven Cuervo Gutierrez uploaded an image of four partners at an airport, where he wrote; “There is nothing like traveling to have a great time with my childhood friends. I thank God for having my friends for so many years Efrain Queiroz Guardia, Jorge Mario Valdez Flores, Jorge Alvarez and LC Rojas”, who were with him.

Other officials from Arras such as Alejandro de la Rosa uploaded an image visiting the Tower of London on February 19, 2020.

It is surprising that the founding partners and directors of the “Aras Investment Business Group” in Chihuahua, most of them lived and grew up together in the modest Ponce de Leon neighborhood north of Chihuahua City.

Information shared in social networks and notarial procedures, for example, traces the wife of Armando Gutierrez Rojas, identified as Flor Edith Salazar Rojas, on Cristóbal Vireuz street number 15103.

Luis Alberto Ramírez Amaya, secretary partner of the firm in Panama at the address Calle Juan de la Encina 14905 in the same neighborhood.

Another designated manager is Luis Humberto Castro Muoz, whose address is Calle Guillermo Valencia 3608.

Those who knew him because they were children and young people in that neighborhood agreed to point out that the orchestrators of financial fraud grew up without financial resources, although in the past five years he had changed his economic status and became interested in luxury cars and properties. started buying.

Another person in this group is Edgar Alejandro Castro Muoz whose address is at 3608 Guillermo Valencia Street in Ponce de Leon.

In the case of Felipe Estevane Tapia, a partner of Arras, like his sister Diana Isabel Estevan Tapia, he has an address in the same area at Calle Enrique Diaz Canado number 14938.

The names of other executives who participated in the firm and were residents of the same area in the Ponce de Leon neighborhood are; Luis Enrique Chaves Ramos, Diana Guerra Portillo, Efrain Queiroz Guardia, Mario Mata Morales and others who grew up on the same block on the streets of the Ponce de Leon neighborhood.