Thousands gather in Tullamore to watch Ashling Murphy


The town of Tullamore gathered together on Friday evening when a vigil was held for Ashling Murphy.

Irish police are continuing their search for the killer of the 23-year-old, who was found dead on Wednesday after running down the banks of the Grand Canal in the town of Offaly.

Thousands made their way to Town Park on the edge of Tullamore, requesting “solidarity and support” to be sent to Ms Murphy’s family.

Candles were lit at the vigil (Damien Eggers/PA Wire , PA Wire

During the hour-long vigil, people cried, held candles, and clapped silently as prayers were offered and music was played.

As the light dimmed on Friday evening, traditional Irish music – played by friends and Ms. Murphy’s former teachers – became the centerpiece of the service.

Atracta Brady, who was Ms. Murphy’s first fiddle teacher, played with other sad artists.

He described his protégé as “a brilliant musician”.

Ms. Brady tutored Ms. Murphy at Sacred Heart Girls’ Secondary School, where they played together in a traditional musical group.

The musicians played two melodies on vigil that Ms. Murphy would have done with the traditional group.

“She was the most beautiful girl inside and out,” said Ms Brady.

She was bright and energetic and everyone loved her

“She was a parent’s dream. She was everything you want in a daughter. She was honest, she was honest, she was dependable. She was quirky and sometimes even a little cheeky with the sweetest smile And she would get away with it because she had this beautiful twinkling smile.

“She was never in a bad humour, she was always smiling and she absolutely loved her Bella. His parents told me only yesterday that he should never be asked to practice. She was bright and energetic and everyone loved her.”

Prayers went out for Ms. Murphy’s family, friends and students, as well as all the women who suffered violence.