Trump’s ex-spokesperson announces and they go after the leader

Despite former President Donald Trump’s aides refusing to cooperate with Congress, his former press secretary Kayleigh McEnany has met with the committee investigating the 2021 uprising and called for a voluntary statement from House Republican leader Kevin McCarthy. .

With a delay of more than a month, a former spokesman for the previous government met virtually with a group led by Benny Thompson, according to CNN and NBC, about the former White House tenant’s potential criminal conduct and illegal activity from those close to you. circle to talk.

However, it was not disclosed until the close of this edition whether he had provided information to the region, reiterating that as a spokesperson for Magnates, he made several statements supporting the allegations of alleged fraud, one The fact that led to the January 6th disruption. The death toll and sanctions against dozens of rioters that crippled last year’s election certification continues to polarize the country.

In the November summons to McEnany, the panel’s leader noted that she cited alleged “very real fraud” information, possibly because of the e-mail issue, which Republicans want to legislate.

In addition, with an eye on several of the tycoon’s allies, Thompson extended a letter to McCarthy in February inviting him to clarify his plans to “change the election,” which according to President Joe Biden’s response. did not have the ability to do so by live telecast of such violence on television; And hours later he refused to cooperate with the federal investigation, as have dozens of former officers.

In a letter addressed to Republicans, the investigative leader pointed out that his statement, after speaking directly with former Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, was crucial to the case, recalling that like other congressmen he had taken on dozens of supporters. Openly blamed Trump for the provocation. Capitol, with whom he had his first conversation five days after the attack, and with whom he met three weeks later in Florida.

Emphasizing on the objections of the officials regarding electoral certification, he said in the public letter, “We should know how the plans for January 6 were finalised.”

Thompson argued that by maintaining communication with the presidency and his team on the day of the atrocious events, it is likely that legislators will delve deeper into the investigation to find out what the then president’s state of mind was before, during, and after. The riots forced the evacuation of personnel and put Vice President Mike Pence, congressmen, aides and police at risk, insisting that the events were held between people staying at the White House and a hotel in Washington Was.

They also believe it’s possible that Trump drew a line for him to make statements after the tragedy, which led to him facing two impeachments, which he fought backed by Republicans.

Before McCarthy declined the invitation, the panel’s leader said he did not rule out a formal summons to testify about Trump’s involvement or ties to rioters.

It should be noted that over the weekend two Trump aides, Jim Jordan and Scott Perry, representatives from Ohio and Pennsylvania respectively, declined to cooperate and called the investigation illegitimate.

  • Data: It is estimated that the Investigating Panel will make two reports public during 2022; The first of them could happen in the middle of the year, sometime before the election.