Tullamore unites to mourn the passing of slain teacher

From mid-afternoon on Friday they came to the town park of Tullamore, thousands of their families, groups of young women, and young men, elderly men, middle-aged women, mothers pushing the buggy, fathers with their teenage daughters, Ashling for a monitoring.

They placed candles on the grounds of a makeshift temple just inside the park gate for a school teacher who was murdered while running on the outskirts of the city last Wednesday afternoon.

There at the entrance to the park, surrounding a poster-sized photo of Ashling Murphy’s radiant young face, he attached hundreds of messages on a board expressing his sadness, shock and anger at the Post-Its.

“Dear Ashling, our heart is broken. We will miss your infectious sense of humour, your sharp wit,” read a message.

“You were one of the most talented and beautiful people I have ever met. You will always be in our hearts,” said another.

“Ashling you welcomed my daughter with such kindness and warmth. I will never forget it. It made me think she would fit in and make friends,” wrote one parent.

holding flowers

Beyond the entrance, in the open green below, stood several thousand, many holding candles or tulips of lilies, roses, carnations and other flowers as prayers from a stage by leaders of the city’s main religious groups. was said.