Twitter and Meta are needed to investigate the attack on the Capitol – Tech Viral Tips

WASHINGTON (AP) — Months after more than a dozen media platforms requested documents Social Networkscommission of Lok Sabha one who examines Attack on the United States Capitol Citations issued on Thursday of 6th January Twitter, Target, reddit You youtube, as lawmakers described the companies’ initial response as inadequate.

Panel Chairman, Democrats Benny Thompson, sought the records of companies related to their alleged spread of propaganda about the 2020 elections and their involvement in promoting domestic extremism on their platforms prior to the January 6, 2021 uprising.

“The two major questions for the Selection Commission are how propaganda and the spread of violent extremism contributed to the violent attack on our democracy, and what steps the media companies took – if any. Social Networks “To prevent people from using their platforms as hotbeds to radicalize violence,” Thompson said in his letter.

He said it is “disappointing that after months of involvement,” the companies have not voluntarily provided the necessary information and documents that would help lawmakers answer the questions at the center of their investigation.

In his letter, Thompson outlined how the companies were complicit in a revolt by supporters of the then president. Donald Trump and far-flung groups.

youtube, owned by Alphabet, was the platform where a significant amount of communication “relevant to the planning and execution” of the attack on Capitol Hill occurred, “including live broadcasts of the attack,” the letter noted.

The commission highlighted how Target, which first. was known as Facebook, was allegedly used to exchange messages of hate, violence and provocation among its users, as well as to spread misinformation that the 2020 presidential election was fraudulent, in order to coordinate the “Stop theft” movement To be.

In redditThe “r/The_Donald” community grew significantly, the letter said, before its members moved to an official website where investigators believe a plan of attack was discussed. A Reddit spokesperson said Thursday that the company had received the summons and would “continue to work with the commission on its requests.”

The letter highlights how he was warned Twitter Possible acts of violence were planned on their platform prior to the attack and how their users participated in “communications raising allegations of electoral fraud, including those of the former president”.

The letter highlighted a specific Trump tweet posted on December 19, 2020: “Statistically impossible to lose the 2020 election,” while urging his supporters to come to Washington on December 6 for a “wild” protest. January 2021.

a spokesperson for Twitter He declined to comment on the summons. Representatives for Meta and Alphabet also did not immediately respond to messages seeking comment.

The commission made its first request for documents in August to 15 social media companies, including TIC Toc, Parlor, Telegram, 4chan and 8kun.

The commission examines how a Pete Was able to infiltrate the Capitol and obstruct the authentication of victory Joe Biden in presidential elections, which represents the most severe attack on Congress in two centuries.

The commission, made up of seven Democrats and two Republicans, has interviewed more than 340 people and issued dozens of subpoenas to Trump aides, including his former chief of staff, as well as requests from his own aides. . Lok Sabha,